Lyrics: Young Pizzy – Backseat Jabs [Phenom,Yung6ix,Davido,Cyrus Diss]

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Intro: (female voice)
For people on a faith journey, Music connects the sacred to the ordinary, gives voice to the feelings of the heart, and awakens the soul, leading to a closer relationship with God.

I different of course I be young pizzy
am the fly kid always getting busy
not the rapper but am a bad guy dats for shizzy
any rapper wey try me go chop am pieces
I’m dat special guy you love his set-pieces
I blow my trumpet so loud cos I get mouth-pieces
My chick is so bad dat I wanna make her mrs
For their gig show promoters always count loses
This boys no get talent so am X-ing dem
Simon cowel shit
And am Killing dem rappers on a micheal myers shit
Inside club when dem dey dem no fit pop anything
For their record everytime they always shout Hennessey
Shey you even know how to spell the drink
(Boy) Let me see
Wat they know Wat they say Dem no know anything
when I frown dem say boy you too dey boneface
hey bros just chill mehn dats my game face
Cos Oju-Eje ni mo wa all the time mehn
Blood in my eyes mehn
Am Looking for Mo’chedda mehn Not the singer mehn but these boys dem dey try me So I gat to kill them mehn iyalaya anybody
I’m the new boy with the obioma swag
cuttin these wrappers anytime they shout swerve
I’m about to soar like a bird in flight
this boys no strong them be paper kite
Their career dark like say Nepa take light
You wanna battle me enter ring make we just fight
Your future will crash like a Dana air flight
I’m going to the top and I aint afraid of height
I’m so decimal I’m on point noni
(So) I aint samklef but oluwanoni
I’m a superfly bonafide trained street hustler
All I just want is the murthafuckin money
I’m different I aint no obo still I’m gon blow
Cos in music I’m a Pro
i’ll be rocking every show
While I’m getting every dough
Pls don’t call me davido
Cos I no dey sleep with Hoes
No dey look me like that I go embarrass you
Take your time before you reply I go bury you
No be only you dey diss but E don over you
I don get your time now devil don solder you
Anywhere dat I go
I be reppin’ for my city
Lagos city where I grow
Bred in a famous community
AJ city where I was born
But now I’m a celebrity
I’m not a Comedian
I just like to be witty

And All you wackos claiming king of the south
Keep shut cos none of you niggas
Can even say dat shit in front of your spouse
So piss off
Wonder why a knighthouse rapper
Will say such lines like
“I’m the shit, a big shit, ogbeni flush twice”
And y’all at wax lyrical won’t even listen twice
Watch me coming at you fellas
Cos I’m gon blow
Even tho I aint gat a beat from fliptyce
And None of y’all niqqaz can’t stop me
Not even any of the wack ass kings
from the south, west
East or north
I mean None of y’all little cats
And not even y’all the punchline/metaphor rappers
Y’all aint shit so fuck y’all
Even my 7 yrs old Kid sis
Can do better than y’all


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