Lyrics: Young Stunna – Fire (Remix)

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[Verse 1]
Born in the 90s, rep portharcourt till the death
I feel like i run the city, neva run outta breath
They told me quit playing, quit saying “ph” in your raps
Cuz your niggas may love it, but lagos hate you for that
I be like, fuck that i’m saying it
Beastin, aint no tamin me
Foundation, i’m laying it
Dues, i’m still paying it
Came a long way, its hard to think i’m even unsigned
Oaps and djs don’t play me, i’ll take it online
And i aint even talking bout nobody in particular
Haters dickriding, dem no even get particulars
You be catching subliminals, if the shoe fits you wear it
And i still call shots and they aint gimme no credit
My daddy probably hate me even though i finished school
Like ‘how you give up your degree to rap, you must be a fool’
Dear mama, made the effort, made you proud, i graduated
And i know if you was here, you’d pray to god that imma make it
Please forgive my rebellion, i aint destined for an office
Put more work in on my hustle, i could show em who the boss is
I’ll get me a major deal and get paid to chill
I get money for collabos, yeah im paid to kill.

Tell em that we need more {fire, fire}
See im bringing that {fire, fire}
Kerosene for the {fire, fire}
We need more {fire, fire}

[verse 2]
Left for a second, i came right back, philip lahm
Been snoozing all this time, its about time to ring the alarm
I’m supposed to be the man of the year but i’m in ghost mode
In demand, i’m the man up in here, i’m so bold
Talk money, speaking my language
Shoutouts to tiwa, i’m savage
No longer smiling, i’m spazzing, i’m back here packing my baggage
Its about when you get there, aint about who could fly first
Good delivery, child birth
Shit, i was dreaming again, tryna stop my shine, i swear you’ll never see me again
‘cause i be in it to win, you should know if i had the chance to start my life all over, mehn i’d probably do it again.

Tell em that we need more {fire, fire}
See im bringing that {fire, fire}
Kerosene for the {fire, fire}
We need more {fire, fire}

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