Lyrics: Yung L – Red Rose Remix ft M.I, Jesse Jagz

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I love Grip music

Verse – M.I
Yo Remix
Red rose
And you so beautiful mama your flesh close
I’ll make it rain till you take off your wet clothes
I know the right angles: mama touch toes
It could be low key, it could be sex pose
You ex-man meno-pausing, i got fresh flows
And all these girls don’t compete with you
They are not like rehab they’ll never get close
You got a backyard
Can i compound?
Go bang bang bang like a gun sound
I had to let my other girls go
It was a smart loss because you dumbfound
You an angel
At least we all assume
All of your ringtone even your caller tune
I know you think a nigga just here running game
Telling the truth baby is all am doing
But can i touch you in the meanwhile
And if we disconnect baby redial
The passion and action we fashioning
Light waves crashing on shores baby actually
You the baddest
Jude Abaga’s first lady
Elevate your status
Put you in a palace if you use your talents
You hear the silence
That’s some hating chics, they’re keeping malice
You can be my Alice, come into wonderland
Baby i earned my stripes: sunderland
They cant understand why you my best dose
Jealous bitches can die
I love my red rose
I love my red rosei love my red rose
I love my red rosei love my red ros
Red Rose the remix
Yung L, Jesse Jagz, M.I

Verse 2 – Yung L:
Girl the things that i see when i look in your eyes
All the things we can do when we turn down the lights
Girl its me and you
Oh girl tell me what we gon do
Do do do do do
You know wetin i do her body tripping
Burning bush while i watch you whine
This cant be free i got to pay the fine
You’re my addiction my white white line
Oh gosh
Gimme the thing that make a nigga say gosh
Heal me baby gimme that touch
Rude boy baby
I don’t give a
I don’t give a
I don’t give a

Verse 3 – Jesse Jagz
My rose is red
I aint the man that you supposed to wed
Suppose i said you could step in my shoes
And you could pose a bit
You can have my toes instead
Girl my rose is red
You liking every bit another prose i read
Don’t take away your smile take off your clothes instead
Lay down there aint no thorns in my roses, bed in my roses bed
Is your rosy red?
I wanna know where there’s thorny bread
Display what chick say on my sony led
Walk all over her body on my foamy leg, on my phony leg
Roses are red and violets are blue
You gat me ti-ti-ticking my time is on you
Found you at the bottom of the ocean let me treasure you
Shawty lemme pleasure you
I ain’t tryna measure you
Let me teach you what this special kind of pleasure do
Take away all of the niggas who gon pressure you
Give you understanding and the comprehension boo
I won’t stress you boo
All of the tension too
Your body telling me secrets like its a confessional
Suits on your back its so professional
Flow on point no decimal
Steady flow shawty you already know
If you leave me a nigga go vegetable
You already know
Ring around the rose
In your sun make love while we listen to tone and toni
Ride round you like a pony
Red roses never leave a nigga lonely
Handle you like i handle my beats
Special attention from your head to your feet
Feed on your body as love is a feast
You know jesse jagga is a beast

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  • Yo I love dis track and I’m so glad u did a great job in decoding the lyrics…U so. On point!!!Great work

    Frank Iyama July 27, 2013 9:38 am
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  • This song is the greatest. I can feel each and every of the lyrics and it gives me great joy to be able to sing it along with them. Great work guys, keep it up.

    kelly peco July 10, 2014 2:24 pm
  • The song is really great,am glad cos mi and j jags are on the track.

    Victor khale January 9, 2015 6:09 am

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