Lyrics: Yung ZeeLee MD – 6Foot 7Foot (Cover)

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Yeah, uhh, uhh-uhh

Got hard punches i wonna spit
yung zeelee md nigga rollin on
this beat
em the illest mur*** lyrics is so sick
zeelee ain’t messin
up nigga see i wanna shit
ain’t talking rozay nigga see i got the
call me isaac in the game nigga am the new tin(newton)
talking rick ross
mur*** am the big mitch
10 over10 naeto see (C) kini big deal
leagues above you nigga yeah i wanna speak in
summa-lumma-dooma-lumma you assuming am a human
got many
in the game like it zuma
ah got my whites on nigga see i got my

nigga ain’t nokia yung zeelee md lumia
dye and tie in this shit
nigga ah got the aro
am about to flow crazy nigga am from the aro
shit- chat nigga ain’t da’won lo’un
flow is running on the lane like
it marathon
got a soothing relief nigga yeah like it tomtom
lyrics is
so sharp nigga your lyrics is so blunt
better pinkin in this shit yeah
ain’t talking harrysong
have been like ASUU nigga say zeelee md
i’mma do it big nigga cos zeelee md is back
put your lyrics
down mur*** see am gonna smack(SmackDown)
the boy WACK yes! Nigga
zeelee loves rap
zeelee md problem killermen like he solve maths

got game nigga mur*** zeelee EA
samklef on the beat zeelee md
em doing shit tight mur*** can’t debate
Dj in the buildin here
mur*** replay
it yung zeelee md mur*** on a relay
H.O.T ma men nigga
you can’t fridge me
ask wizkid mur*** men you can’t tease me
talking drizzy nigga all the ladies miss me
this is what i want mur***
you can’t please me
ah got the Pee ain’t square you can’t do
me(Psquare-Do me)
am tighten up ma flow men you can’t loose me
zeelee md

i’mma Glo nigga you can’t rule me
aint gay mur*** men you can’t whoo me
like masturbation mur*** nigga i do me
i spit bombs nigga like it BokoHaram
shit is forbidden mur*** ain’t talking no Haram
ain’t messing up with sheep mur*** zeelee ram
i’mma ring mur*** men nigga
it ma alarm
omo iya aje in this shit ain’t talking Ola-Dips
feeling like jesse
jagz nigga i’mma murda this
ain’t want a promo nigga yeah zeelee
fuck em’ mom mur*** yeah zeelee father
Go,Lyrical,Miracle, Zeelee spit in metaphors
in the movie am the
am differential no calculus(Diff. Calculus)
uhh,aint wrong
nigga zeelee md is right
wanna loosing up ma flow men zeelee md is
all the ladies love me men like the white on the
got Blaqbonez shit men omo we go rise
am cool on the
pressure like it
got zuco shit mur*** am the firelord
zeelee flow is wet nigga
you can call it rain
they sucking me off nigga see am poking all there brain

yaba left flow nigga they say zeelee go insane
voice louder than
speaker ain’t need a microphone
number one in the game nigga like it
in your telephone
i’mma blow them off mur*** with a saxaphone
all i
need is alcohol
mix it up with ethanol
ah got no basket mur*** ah
wanna ball(BasketBall)
am shitting on this nigga f*** toilet paper
got drizzy in this shit you can thank me later
i’mma serve you
this flow niqqa ain’t talking waiter
niqqa ah got khalifa zeelee md we
them boyz
feeling like mims mur*** this is why am hot
got jollie in
the movie nigga zeelee md am salt
time to takeover nigga yeah ain’t
talking blaqbonez
marijuana flow yeah nigga lyrics is so dope
can’t see me no phyno nigga am in ghost mode

see Mo-Kuti all the ladies wanna Femi(Femi Kuti)
am hungry lion
mur*** please don’t dare me
hustle 4 ma doe back in days you don’t
send me
don’t be surprise mur*** listen if you hear me
crack so dope
nigga yeah it will be sellin
i swear it all for one
all i need is
mix it up with ethanol
yung zeelee md rap on…. Uhhhh

Uhh, Welcome to ACAPPELLA CITY niqqa
It yung zeelee md
em out of
i see you Jahviho
Style beatz niqqa
we taking over mennn
recordz mur***

· · · ·

Osisanwo Azeez Adebowale popularly known by his stage name Yung ZEELEE MD @Yung_ZEELEE_MD, is a Nigerian Hip Hop, Rapper and a recording artiste from Ogun state, Born in Ijebu Igbo. He began to gain major recognition following the release of his first song ‘I GO UP’ He started rapping at an early age ‘15yrs’. Yung ZEELEE MD has always been a smart and talented person and that will never change. He's Versatile and Picked Up The Microphone at a Very Yung Age, and Started as an Amature Rapper Spitting Freestyles to Friends During Break Periods Back in secondary School Days. He's an influential rapper who got The vibes 2 bring The definition of hip hop into reality, For more enquiries Contact 08074130688. Follow him on twitter @Yung_ZEELEE_MD FB: Yung Zeelee MD Zillz.

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