Lyrics: Zed O’Clock – Feathers ft. Mastah Deg

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Verse 1 [Zed O’Clock]
First chronicle, I’m the last ink in the South-East
Feathers and red caps value titles and feasts
Red lanterns, Vigilante push me behind open doors barking
My receipt says Jesus pay the bills for the slum
Dawg lower your dane gun, blowing bubble gum in my face
Dirty boots on my rug, sucking roots and stinking dry gin
Empty shells in your double barrel, for God’s sake – me na indigene
Keep your fingers in check
Luke-warm or cold message – uh, depending on how your skin peels
Abeg cross the line – R.I.P M.Y
Acid bath – a salary for double dating
I’m better of not paid, heading to the welder’s shop
Oga, make 2 nice helmets for my head and head, take the measurement
Pay me in coins if you living in the past we can do a joint – ah, pepper soup and goat head
Pikin dey ask for my BB Pin – what does your grandmother look like in a bikini?
Taking I back to the prelapsarian period
Before the serpent came into the garden and the apple took a biting
I was ceasarian fighting to stay within the walls, midwives clutching operation scissors, parents decieved us
Who endorsed my entry to this cursed wasteland?
You talking ovaries, I shouldn’t have been in the fallopian

Chorus [Mastah Deg]
Ajukwa la m onye na ekwu ma na nuru amuma [ma na nu ru amuma] Sii ya zi gi uzo, I hu ka I gawa [I hu ka I ga wa] Ma na ihe anyi na acho wu ogologo ndu [ogologo ndu] —> 2X

Verse 2 [Zed O’Clock]
To all those seniors wey beenn dey flog me for boarding school, I appreciate
You prepared me for this, the blood from the lashes on my back is a spring where my pen fetches the rage I write with
Ride you ride through the meteorite rhymes on my notes pages
You gat my back with the knife you drove in
But this spine is golden, like the calf in the wilderness
I define the odyssey of a lost people, courtesy folding up, holding a box of oden, bone this underground, I’m old enough
Never seen me till a rapping skeleton jumps out the grave
Roll up your sleeves, put your fist up in a fight against your ancestor – riding a bicycle backwards, you for real?
Happily ever after never happens forget fairy tales
Girls pushing wheel barrows full of gallons
No dey suprised when you see yam legs and muscles
Dead black chicken and red cloth on crossroads
Town criers voice talk to the lost souls
Pass the other side of the road if you see money for ground
Your pikin dey miss? Otokoto dey town
Never talking to strangers – answer no questions
Stay away from the windows when you hear the sound of the armed robbers, AK-47 robbing a bank in your neighbourhood
Nobody move, nobody die mode activated
Walk through the tear-gas and breathe in the smoke-slapping people
My eye dey red – albino pimple…

Chorus [Mastah Deg]
Ajukwa la m onye na ekwu ma na nuru amuma [ma na nu ru amuma] Sii ya zi gi uzo, I hu ka I gawa [I hu ka I ga wa] Ma na ihe anyi na acho wu ogologo ndu [ogologo ndu] 2X

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