M.I – God Bless You

I’m in love with my baby
Heaven sent an angel to save me
She must be the reason God made me
God bless you my lady

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 1
God bless you ma
You don’t even know how I’ve missed you, ma
Sometimes, girlfriend, I don’t text you ma
I forget to, ma
Don’t think I’ll ever forget you ma
Whenever I’m gone and not with you ma
Then I realize that I miss you ma
Wanna touch you ma, wanna kiss you ma
So I kiss you through the phone
Got me singing, You are mine, super special girl, so fly
God take your love away, me, I’ll die
My lady, you got me gaga
Like lala, don’t leave, ah ah
Mama, come close to Papa
See I hate girls that say bye bye,
Me and my girl got each other
Don’t even bother, cuz you won’t do
Forget them, girl, them belle no good
You feed me, you’re my soul food
They don’t like the fact that me want you
Cheerless witches
Tryna put inches
Between us girl, but it won’t flinch us
We riding past the stares
No one cares, we’re on our adventures

God bless you ma
If you ever fall, I’ll catch you ma
Whatever you need, Ima get you ma
You can never leave, I won’t let you ma
If you go wrong, I’ll correct you ma
Nothing wrong will ever affect you ma
And I bet you ma
What we have here is so special ma
God bless you ma

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Verse 2
God bless you ma
I love waking up right next to you ma
Morning break, wanna still kiss you ma
I know when I’m gone, I’ll miss you ma
It’s the issue ma
So with me you’ll sit we’ll do few
Things we do with beds and blue
Sky, we try because we knew
All that remains is me and you
Jehovah cause His rays to shine
Upon you girl, your face so fine
Now I understand that word divine
Now we understand that
There’s no time,
there’s no rhyme,
there’s no line,
words to say that seem sublime
Now I get it, now I’ve learned
All these awards and all I’ve earned
These material things for which I yearn
Everything gone and everything burn
Let time stop, let space turn
It really doesn’t matter if we stand firm
If we stay strong, love stays long
Everything’s right, nothing goes wrong
Me and my girl we stand upon a world
that says love is gone

(Repeat Hook)

(Repeat Chorus) (2x)

Verse 3
Yo, stand right there, lemme touch your face
Ain’t got long, no time to waste
Guess what I’m realizing these days
You’re my home, my house, my place
You’re my space, your grace is all I taste
All I feel is your gaze
In your face, I find my place
I look in your eyes and oh my day
I’ve found the right one
Our situation is a nice one
Haters wanna talk to get to us to fight
Um, they just mad cuz I don’t like them
You’re in my psyche, and Ima find you wherever you might be
Rescue, I’ll grab, I’ll hold you tightly
Baby, your beauty is all I see
I know I am being redundant
But your love so amazing, so abundant
And no man will e’re put asunder
You’re my fuel, my lightning and my thunder
Times, I just sit back and wonder
The reason I pray and turn to hunter
Like an angel, I cant’ say you’re blunter
I need, I love, I crave, I want her
She’s my rock, my God, my center
She’s my light, my map, my mentor
Like 2Face, a place to enter
She’s my doctor and my banker
She’s my shore, my ship, my anchor
She’s my truth, I’ve found my answer
Now, I know that God has sent her
So this song is just to thank her
Like, like…

(Repeat Chorus) (2x)

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I'm a crazy Choc Boiz fan (M.I, ICE PRINCE, JESSE JAGZ & BRYMO). I hate Timaya; so don't expect any song from him from me. Get it? I love songs and sports (Up Chelsea!) But I'm not a fanatic oh. More of fan of a fan. That's all you need to know. It's Von y'all! CITADEL COLLEGE, OJO LAGOS OKOKO IN THE BUILDING!
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53 Responses

  1. I love this song! Thanks for posting :)

  2. I love d song crazy abt evri day I'm listn lyk 10 x I swear n god bless u M.I dnt tin I evr 4gt u MA

  3. I crazily love this song. Thanks for the post. Up choic boyz.

  4. i luv dis song so much

  5. M I is the best,this song just prove it all,,,,,mad respect

  6. 9ce song MI.Kp doing ur thing

  7. I lisnd to dis söng. God! Felt like crying! M.I, U are d bomb!

  8. Dis song is describes wat love is al about nd it came straight 4rm his heart. I listen dis song almost 7times a day.i just keep repeating nd repeating.i go crazy 4 m.i

  9. Love this song, M.I is number one rapper here i 9ja. keep the good work M

  10. keep it up. More 4rm m.i. Pls

  11. MI- u've got 9ja muzik to the top nd you lead. I'm nt ur fans but ur a promoter. Big Boy M.I

  12. This song is a tru love story and its coming from the heart. I must confess i sang the song to a girl and won her over. MI is not from this planet earth he came to right the wrongs bout music in Africa.

  13. M.I…evryday i keep askin maself wat motivates u.plz feature me in 1 of ur songz…u're d banga.

  14. Hey Mr Incredible,dis name suits u very very much cos ur so incredible.I'm a girl dat likes rap songs.Gosh mehn… I like all ur songs N i like dis paticular song,i will not say is my favourite of all ur song i've heard but,i jst like it.Ur very unique,jst as ur Ma makes u gaga dats how ur songs makes me gaga. Keep up d good work N God Bless u!

  15. Words cannt describe hw much u r placd in ma heart coz u r bang. U r d type we nid in d industry. Dis song made me mad weneva I listen 2 it coz I listen to it repeatedly… U r 1million much. Kip it up. Abaga 4 lyf.

  16. God i cant explain how much i love dis song .mi God bless u ma , u dont even knw hw much i love u ma.kip it up thanks von.I also live at okoko

  17. lord M.I,nuff respect to you and your lot familiar(choc boys).how else do i refer to a rapper like yourself?you are da bomb…this song sends shivers down my spine whenever i listen to it.i can't really tell the number of times i listen to it in a day.i'm in love with my baby…and heaven sent an angel to save me…cos,she's d reason God made…God bless you,my lady.

  18. Men, M.I. is honestly, he IS INCREDIBLE. God bless u 2 4 this song. It took me up 3 months after I've heard it over on Kiss Fm Abj.

  19. I salute 2 d number1 and only 9ja rap rating Messiah Mi God wil bless u wit more vocals to ur vocoders bcos we wil continue to feel ur quaresma one luv wit due respect.

  20. What else can i say about M.I? He is a lyrics enigma! M.I, u make me wanna fly out of this world with your meaning-ridden lyrics! U re the best Bro. Many thanks to God for making us have u as our own! keep it Bro! God bless you!

  21. What else can i say about M.I? He is a lyrics enigma! M.I, u make me wanna fly out of this world with your meaning-ridden lyrics! U re the best Bro. Many thanks to God for making us have u as our own! keep it up Bro! God bless you!

  22. Ma Mi you on dis one ma

    just like 9ice u 2ice like


  23. Mi you too much o. I love this music like crazy. Your the best. Talk of love in the way no nigerian artist have. Your really on top of the game…keep it up tom. God bless you too

  24. Dem nig! U r d best. I won feel sometins for homyz. Keep d fire on.

  25. m.i d song is so touching in all ur songs i tink dis track was 4rm deep inside ur heart nd felt d emotion behind it. God bless u

  26. rythms so torchin. Lyrics z so inspirational. Am a tyt fan ov m.i nd choclate city .

  27. Mr incredible is really incredible. U’re a story teller,definin love in a dynamic way{thru muzik}…. Im jst surprise hw u did it. D ladies r lyk…… Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jst 1 night.

  28. Iv listened to dis song for a year n I can’t stop,for me dis is M.I’s best track. Its so heartfelt.

  29. Me and mi got each other guy ur d banga and am jst lyk jude abaga mi u 2much me no dy fit slp again becuz of you since i hear dis songs God bless u, epic guy ur more to me than a rapper as cristiano ronaldo is not 4rm diz world na so u mi no take 4rm diz world nice bro all d same am d new face of 9ja rap mesiah haha

  30. Oh ma God!! Am in love with this music, my girl goes gaga for that.

  31. I just can’t stop playing d song, I neva get tired. M.I GOD bless you sir.

  32. M.i God bless u………….dis song is jst toooooooo much i xpekt more 4rm u………….GOD BLESS U SIR

  33. Dis song meks me feel emotions, can’t say its d best cos its way pass d best, M.I my guy, ur song inspires my life, if am ever on d spotlit, ure all i wil talk about cos ur songs showed me d lit. One lovre man

  34. I wish I was a brother to mi. I love this song so much, I listen to it most everyday

  35. I luv dis song M.I,u are naija’s numba 1,keep on d gud work.u are sure headin 4 grammy nigerians are with u

  36. For me am sick n tired of love song, bt if u ask me, M.I z d bex rapa in Afrika bt dnt jst wack urself away or misundastood what u hear sometime, God alwayz blessed we’al mehn

  37. …………iam…i’am jst speechless… We need such hearthfelt sungz .bin listenin da song 4 a lyk a yr…. Nd i cn’t jst stop. Da ryhms…line, its touchin kip it up judo..

  38. Gob bless u mi. Am a gh fan n am crazy abt this guy. Av falln for mi and am in love with this track. Kip makn it big. I went crazy at e gma.

  39. Mi u d best amon d rests,God bless u i rily luv everytin abt u

  40. Mi abaga” nothing wrong will ever happen to you N ur family cus ur songs gives me and imagination N it remind me of so many thing.. M.I u can rap u can sing u even produces songs M.I u are the best N no rapper can ever replace u, not in this life time

  41. Mehn dz song z ova touching me ma, i cnt spend a dy wtout playing d song ma.. M.i & choc boiz u guy r doing gr8

  42. A song that explains how i feel about my girl,m.i is really emotional

  43. MI Abaga uv been ma favorite artist since de beging,wan a tell u i love dis song. Always compared u 2 ice prince zamani but i c always de best. GOD BLESS U SiR.

  44. No man will ever put yu asunder M.I

  45. Badoo u r quite wonderful mahn, I nid ur lines I crave I want it, u ma rock ,a god ma centre, like 2face a place 2 nta……………. Badoo

  46. dis is my favourite of m.i its neva outdated love the lyrics…i in love with you M.i Heaven sent you to inspire us… You must be the reason…we got new rap artist…

  47. M.i i still enphasy dis song too much…

  48. oh ma people lyk mi ova many tyms yah

  49. I can’t stop playing this song. Simple and great song. God Bless You

  50. I can't stop play this song. Simple and Great. God Bless You !!!!!

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