M.I – One Naira ft Waje

Verse 1
Hey princess
I’m so into you
Cause u see past what my revenue is
And love me for me, clever you
Leave you that is something I will never do
Other girls just wanna get rich quick
See them running things like Olympics
Married men chopping them like biscuits
They’re fast food girls, their fish stinks
But what we have is so realistic
There’s no forming girl, no film tricks
I no go chop outside no picnics
Cause you and I above the statistics
It don’t matter if I got ego
We got something we can build on, Lego
And even if your friends don’t say so
What do they know Add or View Explanation [Show/Hide]

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    Chorus (2x)
    Whether na one naira
    Whether na one million
    Baby you got me
    Baby you got me Add or View Explanation [Show/Hide]

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      Your the only one that I see
      Mu na gi ga ñu garri
      Whether or not you get money
      I’ll stay with you if you’ll stay with me Add or View Explanation [Show/Hide]

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        Verse 2
        If you stay now follow chop kwakwa
        When I’m living by the bay, takwa
        Friends with Oprah and Obama
        Guess whose going be my baby mama
        And my wifey, (you) precisely
        Cause u loving me when nobody likes me
        And you feeling me when nobody hype me
        So when the money come you going be beside me
        You’re a diamond, your priceless
        A lot of girls shine you the brightest
        If you ever try to leave me like this
        I’ll follow you like three blind mice sis
        So here’s my proposal baby
        Love me though the money is a maybe
        And if your friends say that you crazy
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          (Repeat chorus) (2x)
          (Repeat hook)
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            Verse 3
            You know I love you honey If no be situation
            If say I get money or better occupation
            Anywhere you want to go we go fly
            Anything you say you want, I’m gonna buy
            Just to show you baby girl
            What you mean to me
            Let’s take it easy girl
            Until we get there
            Things are hard right now, lot of stress yeah
            But I promise to always give you my best yeah
            I put my right hand on my chest yeah
            No money in the world can pay for
            This feeling that I feel when you say your
            My girl, I’m your king I’m your mayor
            I’ll love you forever and a day more Add or View Explanation [Show/Hide]

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              (Repeat chorus) (2x)
              (Repeat hook)
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                132 Responses

                1. Its "anything u say u want i'm gon'/gonna buy"

                  buh its a v.nice job.

                2. Seen! Lyrics updated. Thanks Hendrix!

                3. u guyz r da bestest of all! Gud work! But the part- 'mu na gi ga 'no'' garri'… Update please.

                4. nice lyrics

                  prettty rhymes

                  i love this song

                5. i love dis song mi,

                  free naija lyrics,i salute

                  u guys hopin2work wit

                  u sumday as a web designer

                6. It is "mu na gi ga ñu garri" itz igbo meaning:you and i will eat soaked garri. Itz just used to depict dat she will remain with him even in POVERTY.

                7. I love d lyrics of this song so much….

                8. Luvly combination. Waje is good i luv d lyrics. MI, u r just awesome. Luv ya

                9. men i no fit shout thats the best i ever heard u the best

                10. I love my girlfriend whenever i hear this song

                11. Nice one

                  Have u got other M I's lyrics need am badly for my ttpod

                12. Here are all the M.I lyrics we have on this site.


                  We’ll be adding more as we go! Enjoy!!

                13. Hey M.I.

                  You & Waje go kill us oh.

                  Thank you FreeNaijaLyrics 4 d lyrics. You guys are far from the norm.

                  A little error though:

                  "It's their fish stinks". You wrote: "Their fish sticks"

                  Good job though. It's 8 and half over 10. You guyz are d best.

                14. I really like the fact that our M.I says in this track. one love mr. incredible

                15. Dis song is very good i must say, mi u are very talented.

                16. you guyz are doing a great job men. Thumb upp 4 u.

                17. just feeling this song MI..u the best mehn..can't stop listening to this song..

                18. nice song i luv it keep it up

                19. nice one, pay d prize.

                20. I love ds song.M.I nice one and thanks 4 d lyrics.it's a gd work

                21. Mi,waje i gbadu ur paro.i luv d lyrics of vrse 3,2 1daful.keep it up

                22. I love u ,ur stly and everything in u.m.i

                23. I wil not drink garri o!i dnt knw ur plan.mumu song 4 mumu people…if na 1million,baby u gat me.if na 1naira,try d next gurl.lwkmd4h

                24. mehn u are gud. Respect

                25. i love d part "You’re a diamond, your priceless

                  A lot of girls shine you the brightest"

                26. My favourite part is when he said …If u ever try to leave me like this i'll follow u like three blind mices… The laugh was very kanye west type ish and i liked it thumbs up judo

                27. dis song is good and has brought greater understandin to ghetto lovers who gat vision dat 1day things will go well.

                28. mu na gi ga wu garri /dt was wt she said mean u and i ll drink garri. Lol

                29. Nice song,Nice Lyric…I am not A̶̲̥̅ fan of MI but this song made ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ fall for him.Keep it up MI,Mr Incredible

                30. Wooooow… lovely lyrics

                  Whether na one naira

                  Whether na one million

                  Baby you got me

                  Baby you got me

                31. im likin dx part * frndz wif OPRAH ND OBAMA, It mh wishful finkin. Lol !

                32. wow dis s ma best song n 20

                  10 nd up til nw it s stil da best.keep it up mi

                33. m I,ure so talented,so is free naija lyric

                34. you missed the word (you) in verse 3,line 1

                  Verse 1,line 13 is 'it don't matter if I got (e)go&not (a)go.nice work though.

                35. When ever i hear the song i feel like crying Mi u're D best.

                36. Holy lord, I was introduced to this song by a friend of mine then looking at my situation and all the gold diggers I've been around. Anyways this song is a classic love it billion time. 10 thumbs and 10 toes up y'all the real deal

                37. ''you know i luv u honey,if no be situation,if say i get money or better occupation ,anywhere u want we go fly,anything u want am gonna buy ,just to show u baby girl what u mean''make sense…..m.i and waje u guyz r realy gud……..freenaijalyrics thanks u guyz r gud ,more m.i lyrics

                38. Dis song is highly motivational 4 true n faithful lovers who re persistent knwin wat dey wnt n wre dey re going,no matter d man's status.

                39. i love this shit and M.I is the best….love the flow of this nigga..max respect man

                40. These song alwayzzz make me fall in love the morrrreeeee

                41. I thinks the credits should also go to Waje for that lovely voice and also the music producer. They have touched lots of lives in naija via dis song. I hated MI before now, but ''African rapper no.1'' and '' 1 Naira'' has turned the table around. Waje more love.

                42. Dis sng lwys maks ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ :) ˚°◦smyl..

                  _\_…..fell like ♍ ‎​D̶̲̥̅̊ 1 da sng it….so lovely..♍or grace to U̶̲̥̅̊r elbow ♍.ȋ̝̊̅. ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ ♡̷̴̬̩̃̊ U̶̲̥̅̊ die…

                43. D lyrics is reali touchn.

                44. hey charlie ghally here.ghana boi.rily into dis tune n makes me appreciate ma girl coz e song story line is jux wat i pas thru with ma hrtbeat.so i relate 2 it.i aint got noin n her frnd didnt say so but wat did ey know n wat can ey see.i luv e naija part.mu na gi ga nu gari.luv its meanin.she is nigerian in university of ghana.n those girls who wana get rich quick,married men wil chop dem lyk biscuit.n ma men m.i. Hav loved u since u emerged.n e chick

                45. To be truthful, i tink dis song has lock horns wit tuface african queen, both on top as naija best love songs ever… We need more powerful composition wit tite lyrics like this…

                46. MI, dis is ur season. Make gud use of it cos opportunity comes but once. I luv dis song. I play it like blues while sleeping.

                47. dis song makes me know dat my galfrend really loves me. I promise to be hers.

                48. M.I u killing it, nice song ma nigga

                49. God bless mi nd u guys updating these lyrics…..i love mi

                50. Damn! big up to this site! hrd the song being played in the big brother house, googled it up and this is the only site that got the lyrics ryt, dwn to evry las bit…..I gotta say am fallin in love with Naija hits…this is awesome! God bless ya"ll

                51. i drop tears wen i hear dis song, i wch my gurl frnd cud undastnd wat dis words mean.. Gud work m.i nd waje gud voice.

                52. well done!!!!!!!!!!!!! mister incredible i luv dis so much cos it always inspirate


                53. OMG! Dz is da best ever frm MI/WAJE. I listen to evry lines carefully. I'm lost inspired .I dunno wot to say. OMG

                54. MI & WAJE, u re too much jo o. nice 1

                55. m.i jude abaga u 2 mch wen l heard dis song am rmbr my best xenty m.i u trip dem no b lie kep on doin ma gy u r d bext african rapper

                56. D song is just too good.MI's got my name..Where is he 4rm anyway nd Waje too?

                57. D song is just too good.
                  Where’s he frm anyway? Nd Waje too.

                58. You have just killed it…love this song…l know in years to come u will be our niga jay-z

                59. Loving this song damn I'm marrying a nigerain too cute man!!!!!!!

                60. love me though the money is a maybe

                61. Dis song is gud…..love me for real

                62. africa rapper number one, dats u. you are a role mobel. Your enemies should go down d road and hug transformer. cheers to you MI d movie

                63. i like this so much

                64. Am a Malawian but no hating man, M.I. is killing it Bigtym!!!! He really is blessed! :-)

                65. I so much like this song. What a nice combination, M.I and Waje more feathers to your crown.

                66. D part i love most is dis "Love me 4me clever u, leave u dat is somtin i'l neva do" M.I. Is gud. Thumbsup 2d vocalist waje.

                67. Oh my world, Pls can you guys permit me 2 cry 4 a sec? ! yeah, i truly cried the first time i really listened 2 that song! it could pass 4 9ja's best ever love song! M.I, pls keep being her king and her mayor! and let those haters go find a cliff, a Jimmy Jatt jump off would help!

                68. M.I is a star that i Beleive will never run down. World watch out for the making of the next naija superstar- yungest king.

                69. Is a kul music,l lyk it.keep it up m.l ft.waje.thnx

                70. im in love with that song..lyrics are so deep

                71. Wow am lost for words, big up, am frm Zambia n I hv shared ths song wt lotsa my fwends, its ten over ten……….Wait a min that's Naeto C, lol guess I love yo songs really nyc

                72. nyc but dat line is 'coz u see past all my revenues' kudos fo ur job wel done.

                73. But i promise to always give you my best "share" – u wrote "yeah".

                74. boys lyk one naira by mi but gals lyk chop ma money by p square. Lool. Na lie?

                75. M.i. U da best in all corners, i really apreciate 4da song,u’ve done it n it’s da best naija song i luv. Keep it up man…am malawian but u da best. Othr thax 2 waje 4 her btful voice…

                76. Things r hard ryt nw yeah but i promise 2 giv u my best yeah…my favaryt part

                77. A little correction… I FOLLOW U LIKE THREE BLIND MICE SIS…..MICE is the plural form of MOUSE so it cant take a ‘s’.. MI was tryin to play on our intelligence…. Thumbs up ABAGA

                78. This song is dedicated 2 my girlfriend.M I thanx man nd Naijalyrics i got ur back lyk T I.

                79. I promise I will give you my best share not yeah

                80. Man i realli luv dis track, Mi n Waje dey killed it. Dis song z powerful i mean wat am sayin. Nice 1

                81. guy! I disagree with u….. U aint got it correctly. So many mistakes occured in ur lyrics.. But u try sha. Lemme gve d correct lyrics of #1

                82. D song is tyte, kudos 2 m.i and waje, dnt u have any of kida kuds lyrics?

                83. This track is just too cool, I sent some of it lines to my girl and she was like: aawww….I luv ya

                  M.I…..you rock.

                84. This track is tight……if say I no get moni, am sure my babe will stay wit me. Lol

                  M.I your tha mahn…………! And big ups to this website too.

                85. Why won’t i drop my comment when its almost 1 week dt i set my phone on repeat on this particular song. My tone low, my heart drop, my spirit sober, so do i also duff m’hat. Respect.

                86. Still on m’knees dts one of this artist will contact me for a lyrics, no forming, i av it plenty roaming my heart, storming my head, and bouncing on my fingers. its a pun i play. 08038710803

                87. Whenever i hear this song i remember my dear love 4 being by my side even when i cnt provide 4 her.

                88. Mr. Incredible u are the master,no one can ever stop you cos that’s suicide and beefing you is MI-mission impossible

                89. omo una no get space to summit lyrics correction? So many mistakes in this lyrics……well, maybe u guys aint ready to learn. Unserious site!

                90. Dis song has mde me luv MI mre dan did,weneva lisn to dis song,i almst shed tears!!!! Aaaah,MI,u de best!!!

                91. dis track be too much.”you are diamond you’re priceless “I love that

                92. I am in lov wit d song…..d lyrics z well composed and it depict wat tru lov means…..thumbs up 2 u guys

                93. good one der, we are enjoying ur musics here in cameroon.

                94. This z th best song in th world!!! I woke up every mornin knwin tht there’s a sonng thts goin to mek me smile! Ice prince u ar th best!!!

                95. Many comments were made regards to this great song by these great artists. I humbly submit that i have never listened to a Nigerian artist’s song the way i did to this song! Its the most awe-inspiring Nigerian love song i have ever listened to. Excellent song with great lyrics. Love you Waje! M.I,keep it up! Am a fan from now henceforth.

                96. I cant help lovin this song! Nice piece Mi ft waje

                97. The lyrics is killing ! I love this lyrics with my lungs

                98. Mi ur’ jst so much……..

                99. Dis lyrics de de take mi spirit high

                100. Luv u till i die MI,U are always d best different frm d rest

                101. luv mi though da mani is a may be…..#ah luv waje#tu much

                102. sweet

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                104. thumbs up.no word

                105. This song guys,,nw its over two years but everytime i listen to it sounds new.

                106. they are fast food galz they are fish stinks…..mi baddest love tune eva…big up M.I en Waje

                107. Mi did a wonderful job wit waje nd dats y he has alwz been keepin his record of the african best rapper..Mi keep it up cus u are talented it.

                108. Mi we r hoping further more 4 more rap….¤ mi the incredible…

                109. Mi my man..Your fans are waiting for more wonderful job.¤ but whit lots of rap in it

                110. Mi u the best

                111. Itz a qud work,,xo much inluv wit d lyrics,,thumbz up MI & Waje,,u both ar duinq really qreat jobz

                112. thanx admin, u're doing a great job.
                  plz will u healp wit d lyrics of this song "What To Do" by MI. plzzz

                113. Its been two or three years now…but weneva i listen to this song… it sounds new….mi nd waje pls keep de fire burning…

                114. gud job guys i luv(dis song remain here in my heart)

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