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Yo! its MAGIN
234 Huo , when i see a hater i ask you do i know you before?

No be say na Lie,No Body can go there
Even tho you got a wallet filled with cash for T-fare
With your first class tickets you hang with the neglects
That’s why i aim for Gold (Golden Eaglets)
Its Just like the sun,Nobody can Go there
perfect time for fun, 1am in my hotel
i don’t hang out with Go Girls or those who read novels ,
i like to F@#k girls who chill in their Hostels
Ibo Boy from the start, Sure to the End
if its one thing i Hate for sure ,is F@#Ked friends
Some say its a mixing when you got Jedi involved
They Dissed Him after all he Gave was Love
Last exsistance of his kind of breed in life
Life is an ocean,everyday taking a dive
what will it take you to drive to your place of your dream
I know it just put your star Up and watch it when it blings
Those were the things that he did and eventually made it
I know if i don’t make Money,I am sure gonna make it
Possibility is a must,action is perfect
I am on top of my game u should call me catrage
I am a one man matching,when he pass The salute Him
They see me coming better than they see in the Blue film
Its who Kid? its MAGIN baby
His doing what? His driving them Crazy!!!
If Mummy dont help me ,who will help me?
if you don’t help me I believe am healthy
Am ill on the flow ,God is all i know
And whatever comes next is what the world uploads
Am the best that ever showed,others are just a case
Any Invent on stage i bring the base
Nonso’s scratch On my face,
makes me know that he is gonna be great in this family’s race
F@#k that and not this,came here to be notice
Hell yeah am ma bless this ,of course I know Lagos
Dedicate that to Jombo,lived enough to know that the government is bobo
wrapped it up like choko,straight s#%h no homo
Am the best around here,I don’t give a f@#k really means i don’t care
Its who Kid? its MAGIN baby!!!
His doing what? His driving them crazy!!!

Change swag!!! ,Change swag Hummie,change swag!!! bring it back ya
change swag hummie !!! change swag!!! ( laugh)
Oh My God , cough ,(sigh)
About to go in again ,hey yo listen……

Rap 2
Somebody want to die but nobody in the industry
Criticizing words is exactly what they said to me
They said to me commercial or don’t do Yankee
Yankee am not but am capable Like Banky, u heard me
Nothing ever do me ,my hustle’s for that kudi
Exceeds day and nite u should call me that Kid cudi
who Be that kid that flows to make you reason?
If you Heard His flow then you know that it is Him
Kirikiri Prison, rap flows through my cells
The rap must be illmatic cuz it ain’t hard to tell
In front of the mic i spell,then bust like a champagne or pumpy
Kolo is how the rap makes me Go
I grew from a rookie to a pro ,i no send you as you see me so
So no send me cuz i go carry your change Go
shey you know my P and the P is for my Parole yo!
The Boy is Ibo, am fresh to death
yea am doing my thing mane and i don’t need sweat
never sweat on the mic,i do it when i do it and do it when i like
F@#k the haters,the haters don’t mind them
they are haters to die,die in the island die in the mainland
do what you do,do what you are making
Magin Magin wrapping it Up,doing it Good, Hip hop will not stop
shout out to shank ,shout out to the man
doing it real you understand?
For real for Life this is my wife,i am talking about Hip hop
i am talking about things i do **** i will never Flop
Like Eddy’s Remedy,u understand **** i will be coming with plenty

I swear till the day that i die i will be rapping
its 234
its like i said in the early start
if i see a hater i ask you do i know you before? nah(laughs)
God, i thank you for this one ,Kingpin i see you
So sick on this one

Shank’s verse
Listen Up Now,is how me go for them
Bust a better flow for them
Me smile for them Haters cuz i got something to show for them
already known to them,them love the voice and hear the flow again
The boy pal able too,i man nah lebu ten
They know i am in another class,
so anytime i tell them niggas kick rocks,i leave my foot up they **** chuh
if there is a case they know i am on it like the Feds
Everyday is my time of the Month,REDS Bommmm
Big up the mixtape
yo blog the thing,Listen to the thing,play the thing,DJ’S you know whats good Just call it you know!!!

234 click click, Musi music HA!!

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  • waao,um impressed,i love wat i saw.

    Rauna H January 18, 2011 11:26 am
  • It new 9ja artist magin.

    Qudus January 18, 2011 11:40 am
  • 9ice one, pls kip it up

    favour January 18, 2011 8:50 pm
  • that is 9ice, keep it up.

    abel January 19, 2011 10:22 pm
  • Is not that bad

    Sinclair January 21, 2011 9:35 pm
  • i lyk dat…. So wats next

    wizard August 13, 2012 3:39 pm

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