Mayor Teeshay – Mayor’s Like(freestyle)

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(dj scratching)
sleek(they call me mayor teeshay)


Let me take it from the top, yes, no matter the notes
a lota times i made the wrong move, no matter the quotes
i’m satisfied with my status, never had a long-throat
cuz real soon gonna be the main man, no matter the votes

and i’m about to blow up,they say my bars are c4’s
a lot of niggas show up, they grade my cred a c4
b4, without a swim-suit they jumpin’ in conclusion
break a leg, mama said that ought to teach em a lesson

cuz i’m the m, the a to the y o r
the h u to the s t l e r
i’m way up in the skies S T A R
king of the jungle S I M B A rahhh

never was a suit and tie man, aint even hard to tell
i’d always give a silent yell to my clientele
up to no good u cud always call me dennis the menace
and so they put me behind d bars, i gave em all these verses

my debut, excuse the loose screws n catch cruise
i’m here to rescue all those standing still like statues
so nod your head, listen to the beat, pro toolz
i bake my bread, u feel the heat, common, thts old news

mayor’s like…
(dj scratching)…a prodigy
hell of a tough cookie…oh glory!(they call me mayor teeshay)
mayor’s like…
(dj scratching)…the maymix
look at what he’s made it…oh yes he slained it(he never gocks it)(2x)


Let me show u how i do what it do,homie HD screen
i had a plan, but i was broke…so much i needed fixing
a vixen, she hot as hell but cool enough to listen
its so amazing, she definitely is a blessing

cuz to my rough lifestyle i sure could use an iron
and wiv her typa swag,she surely gat a nigga high on
with shoulders i could cry on, that body i could lie on
so ride on, she said, and take a break when u’s an icon

thats why i: dance like nobody’s watching, sing like nobody’s listening
love like it never hurts, i’m living like its heaven on earth and
so when they call u a nobody, dont worry
nobody is perfect, means u perfect…then they also hyped u for real

thats d dealy yo’,i’m me everywhere i go
whether its kd or kano, las-gidi, benin, ph city
a’cross the rivers or its over seas, music is what makes me me
some might just do a remix while others would always mimic..yeah

L M F A O, that’s how the story goes
warmed up with free shows, but now i’m good to go
i feel like killin sumin else, shoot a video
sincerely urs forever, but now its time to go..

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  • keep it up,God will surprise u and u shall attains greater height through music.Dont forget that knowledge is power and learning is the Key,when u learn,you succeed and excel,mayor in your musical career, you shall excel and succeed in Jesus Name.

    Adeboye Alatishe March 26, 2011 1:26 pm

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