Mic Meezy – Some Beef Me

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(yeah)i’ts your boy mic meezy from big_wig music,guess you all know me,so d.j,please the beat,let’s go,check this,(hehehehe).

Rap 1
(uh)it’s mic-meezy here,
some criticise and beeff me sayin that i can’t play this game,
but now niggar see,i’m on the high chair,
with confirm attire and sweet eye glass,
so all my G’s in the hood let’s cheer(yeah)
you’re just out there,
can’t afford to rap,
but all you do is sit down and beeff people that play their games,
it’s obvious that time don’t wait,
you should’ve known this by now that time winds ahead(uh…..)
what else do you have to say,
i’m filling up my wine glass,
don’t be jealous that i’m blessed,
now i know,you’re in a low class.(YEAH).

Some beeff me,
some wanna kill me,
some envy me,
they wanna finish me,
some said am naughty,
don’t wanna call me,
that they all hate me,
some said i’m crazy,to go into music,
some said am stupid,
that’s why they beeff me,
but they can’t be like me.(2x)

Rap 2
(OK),some call me the evangelist,
some said that ama journalist,
while some called a vandalist,
but the real people know me as an artist,
(hehehehehe)i’m here to show you the way of hip-hop music,
so don’t call me a pop neither i’m i a cathcist,
it’s your boy meezy rapping slow and so sweet,(THAT’S RIGHT),
so listen to my flow if you really wanna learn from me,
so check this,
now i’m on the right list,
stop dey beeff me,
cos it’s not easy.

(Chorus till fade)


I'm an Ectomorph an upcoming artist,(Rapper precisely)a cool learne guy who wants no problem.but ROUGH-RUGGED and RAW(hahahahahaha).


  • change the name bro or keep it under the radar. cause a class action suit could get you for up to a meal ticket in copyright law fines

    The Real Mic Meezy November 21, 2011 5:05 am

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