Mr. O – Naija Man ft RealEyez & Grace Faturoti

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Submitted by Harold U.

Make we put our hands together
To make our country better
This land na our Father’s
I be Naija man forever

Hello, I’m RealEyez and there’s no one nicer/
tho I’m Living in Yankee, I am so Naija/
spit sick like vipers, see I have no choice/
I’m poised to change the world with my voice/
and you’re so happy to be graced by my presence/
I’m not just rapping, this is a standard I’m setting/
I am the best of the best, if you doubt it then test me/
me at my worst is better than whatever your best be/
you best me, nah my flow too mean/
of course I’m KING, I represent that green white green/
I love my land, which means I love myself/
This song’s for you Nigeria, here’s to your health

There are so many great things we’ve achieved/
but when you look on the news all you see is these/
horrible stories of the 419/
yahoozee crime seems to be in its prime/
the government is corrupt, and the land is too/
no electricity, no water, and no food/
no connection between the old and the young/
and though that’s bad, it’s not where our issues begun/
they have fun at our expense, they slander our nation/
while in district 9 they still buy play stations/
what were facing, is a hate regime/
but all we need is us to overcome these themes

So there’s so much talk about what to do/
we’ll stop talking, let the change start with you/
the shine from Nigerian minds can leave you blind/
we can light up our country and the world at the same time/
all that’s stopping our progress is no action/
so be proactive, instead of only reacting/
of course they’ll be some bumps along the way/
but when we stumble we get up, that’s why we strong today/
there is so much we can do, and nothing they can say/
for our country to get better it starts with you and me/
if we can make it happen, the world will notice/
and when we say were the best, they’ll take notes and quote us

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