Mr Trips – Mu Ma Fien

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Submitted by Mr. Trips

Awowan, Awowan mi Mu Ma Fien, (4x)

Verse 1 (MR.TRIPS)
Hello baby come close make we gist,
No dull me sweetie cos na u go miss,
They call me Trips so why settle for less,
I’m the best of the best when it comes to flex,
Omoge se o gbo bi mo se n bo,
Mu ma fien nta akpanikor,
I know you know I’ve got the cheese,
And I’m ready to spend it all on your skills,
(AB1) Omalicha nwa,opele one,
One million dollars ogi ne gi mma,
Gwam we fit jolly baby don’t be shy,
Just relax and chill with me you’ll be fine,
(MR.TRIPS) Walahi talahi you dey make me high,
Like mary jay and Cabasa bassline,
Without no doubt me I no fit shout,
Girl I guess you know I don dey freak out…

Awowan,Awowan mi Mu Ma Fien, (4x)

Verse 2 (AB1)
By now it should be of notice to you,
Say AB1 dey trip for u,
D real feelin I get for u,
Is girl I really wan do,
For u I ready fall any nigga (nigga),
Wey wan put asunder,
For u I go face any quanta,
Oya show me d Maga,
Iwo ni kan so so,
Ni mo gbe okan mi le,Ti le si le,
Now open up girl (open up),
Why u dey show,
Lucky u Sugar Boy wants u,
Dat means u are special..

Awowan,Awowan mi Mu Ma Fien, (4x)

Verse 3 (MR.TRIPS)
Baby,please,no wound me,
As you dey whine n grind fit kill man,
No be lie,I go spend all my money,
On your big round tits and freaky bakassi,
Eru o bo do eni to ba bu odo l’o mi npon,
Se o ye e,ogbon ologbon la fi se ogbon,
Please don’t dull me try feel me,
You aint gonna lose baby if you tease me,
So don’t hesitate,try co-operate,
Let’s jubilate,fix another date,
From you Naija to Bahamas I ready please you,
Wherever whenever I will tease you !!!

(Repeat chorus till fade)

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  • I love these lyrix…MR.TRIPS big up !!!

    Musa Ilyasu January 15, 2011 7:59 am
  • I lov u all

    olayide adeshola February 9, 2011 2:06 pm

    James Akintunde February 16, 2011 10:29 am

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