Naira – Fly Hustle, Fresh Grind

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I wanna get to tomorrow so today can fade away
I wanna show you what I can do
so u can hear what I have to say
share with you my world
see things through my eyes
allow me be your tour guide
and suddenly you’ll see how I

Hustle hustle, grind grind, fresh fresh fly fly (6x)

Verse 1:
they see I’m a hustler
I stay on my grind
Some say I’m too serious
Some say I’m out my mind
Some claim I’m fresh
Others say that I’m fly
Many mutter I’m wack
Many yell it’s a lie
Well I believe in I I
I don’t care about you
I say what’s on my mind
Though shades cover my eyes
I am not blind
I am not defined by they
I am refined like the finest wine
I produce then sing and rhyme
I am a quad threat
I am the renaissance
And yes the heat is on
And I’m too cold
I am no clone
I fit in no mold
Either they play my songs or they don’t
I still have a voice I will stay afloat
I am so above current like I is a boat
El capitan and n let’s go

(Repeat hook)

Verse 2:
They say I’m a hustler
I super grind
I can’t take em serious
They out they mind
Don’t claim I’m fresh
I know I’m fly
They wish iwack
No truth in that lie
Yea I believe
Ife fo’rin otito
I’m in love with music not afraid to fall in
Though I tried to fall out
I am back now
I am your tour guide
Doubt me how
Will they follow me will they follow me will they see the dreams
I see when I sleep
Some pray for it
Others fast for days
Many write about it
When they post my page
I am not scared
I am not afraid
I say what’s on my heart and wait till morning morning

(Repeat hook)

This is me
All day

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