Naira – See Me See Trouble

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See me see trouble
See me see drama
See me see problems
See me I don’t see you
Hence why I aint bother to holler
See me above average
see how the flows savage
Send me to the insane asylum
I’m on the verge of madness

Nah fool u don’t want none
I’m on my silly hit a ninja in a mouth with a shoe haiku IQ
PMS the cycle
And when its over
I am still sick! Binsh
I am so ill
Come see me in the hospital
Deal or no deal
It was written and I signed
And when I get to steez flippin
They thinking I lost my mind I tell em no sir uhn uhn

Shut up and listen
Don’t get it twisted
I’m focused straighter than a line of digits
No time for bitches
Them hoes gets no seconds no minutes no smiles no grimace NO
Its about to get ugly
My plight to form a dynasty legacy
Yea I superGRiND and I’m not talking bout my body
But I’ll body anybody
So na na now who u wan test me
I aint think so
(Blaka blaka blaka)
Lighters in the air
see me see trouble see me see trouble
mash out

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