Lyrics: Ned – A Star ft. Vector

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Its Ned e e
I’m a superstar
When I enter this industry them say I no go make am
But I Say I no go fear aya mi o ja
I must possess am
Haters trying to bring me down
Enemies trying to make me frown
They wanna see me drown see me drown
Who the lord don bless no man can curse
And know that’s what’s up
Now am taking over
See them bending over
I’m growing stronger growing stronger
Now I bring the fire
Molenu I make the cheddars
They wanna be my friend now

Now they know I’m a superstar
And they know my name
Baba God don make so
No go stop my shine
Its the gift of the lord ye
And you cannot take it
I take this time just to say
Lord I thank you o
Baba You too much eh

Verse 2.
Back in the days o
Where omo boys dey suffer
I fit trek from oshodi down to okota
I been dey jump okada
Now I don hammer
Enemies dey gather dem dey go gaga
Mama used to tell me say
Hold my son some day you’d be a star
See me today now
Na my song dey reign now
I’m rolling with VEC of YSG
Thanks to morgan entertainment
Now we taking over
Now when they see me dem they hala my name (call me NED)


Verse 3 (vector)
I’m not a star somebody lied
I Came this far coz somebody tried this
I came to this coz Somebody pushed she showed me love
When all wasn’t tush
Barrack life bin no easy
Please listen while yall went to princeton Some of us made prison
You had desserts after meals
Some of us only had desserts coz we didn’t have meals
As time went on we got one mil
Now we dey play for show
And we get one mil
Nepa bin no dey help
The bed was a grill
Now I feel like pato for ac chill
Awon shakur be amaru
Tin ba ranti igbati ko si alaburu
I just laugh like that was in the past
But I’m grateful to God for that

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