ObJazz – Kilode

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Written, produced and performed by Objazz

Kilode, kilode, kilode eee e (2ce)

Even when I go slow I go hard
Wanna test me better hold your guard
Smooth flow o my God
Somebody in the area wanna get scared
She says I’m a shining star
He says I’m an empty jar
Ha, frustrated rapper example of a woman rapper
I used to do that sh*t before
So I understand how it feels when u can’t move forward
Battery’s all dead and gone
And all you got is a heart and a hole
Ni**a just go home
Cuz it seems this flow right here is your problem
Tasty and digestible, impeccable, no cholesterol

Now tell me what’s your problem
I may just try to solve it
I could be the one who may just help you overcome it so
Stop hating, ogbeni stop hating no

(Repeat Hook)

Vs 2
So here I am at this bar
Waxing Lyrical rocking physical
Giving ’em sweet chocolate bars
Feeding them with sh*t from Mars
Then I see this chic
She say she never heard a flow so sick
I try not to use ma kondo stick to think
But her body will make u go go get
The po po quick (o damn sh*t)
The curves on her body g-g-got that tick
Now everybody telling me to cock-back-click and b-b-bang that booty till the morning tick
Hold on wait a minute
Yeah this chic is so appealing
But I gotta really know what the deal is
So I had to ask….

(Repeat Hook)

I see you sitting all alone in this club
Might as well take my hand and tell me what you want
Than spend the whole night looking all morose and
Wishing on a lot of things that me and you could do
You could follow me now, I take you to ma place
Turn to voltron and make you crase
Or I could just try to find a word to rhyme with this so I could put a smile on your face
I hope that I have just Convinced you not Confused u
There’s no need to Debate it I’m just waiting for your cue

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Hook)

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