Omawumi – If You Ask Me

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If you ask me; na who I go ask?
The matter wey we see so, e tay wey e start
No be me go talk am, e heavy for mouth
If you ask me…The matter for ground…
Eh! Na who I go ask?

Verse 1
The reason for the reason for the reason why I’m soliloquizing yeah
The things wey I dey see, wey I dey hear, e pass me
I’ve got to tell the story and I’ve got to tell it from the starting
About a man, a woman, and their girl pikin
Wait till the second verse before my story begins

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
The woman travel leave her daughter with the husband
Home a-lonely (home a-lonely)
E no tay I begin see the man, his daughter ad them dey play
Strong play (they play strong play)
A month later the daughter say her period delay
I ask her who touched her she say her daddy only
I don’t know what to say I don;t know what to tell her mother
E be like say she get belle

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3
The story wey I talk e be like say I dey play
But all this type of things they happen everyday
Speak out or take some action abeg you no delay
No let matters worse pass as e dey….as e dey

(Repeat chorus)

  • 63
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  • Sweet song technique

    babarinsa barbara February 23, 2011 11:25 pm
  • This is absolute creativity…brilliant song for the African Society. Mawumi plenty gbosa for you jare….

    nneka May 9, 2011 3:42 am
  • many girls r abused by their dads coz the mothers r careless. they dont read the signs & when the girl tries to inform the mother she is not protected as expected. in this song, the woman leaves a "ripe girl" with a man in a house. the natural thing is 4 the man to tell the girl t o act like her mother. men r beasts. they dont care if she bikin, sistren,wife's friend,etc. anything goes!

    jaluo May 10, 2011 7:30 am
    • And women are what ma?

      Truth October 4, 2012 12:43 pm
  • i am so falling inlove wit this song!!!!

    chantel May 16, 2011 11:54 pm
  • U ARE D BEST, creative,beautiful,inteligent and very productive

    JUMMIE May 26, 2011 4:01 am
  • Nice song! keep it up

    Adeola May 26, 2011 6:52 am
  • This song deserves a notable award cs it is nt only a song bt it tells of the realities of life n hw more n more children r abused nt only by others bt also by their family members n relations.kip up d gud work.ds sng has made u ma favourite naija female musician.

    Michelle May 27, 2011 2:57 am
  • I fell in love with this song d very first time I heard it and knew immediately it was omawunmi.she's soo good.with a beautiful voice quality.well done girl.

    Bunmi May 28, 2011 10:57 am
  • Omawunmi is undoubtedly a great singer. Gud song kip it up.

    Dorcas June 4, 2011 6:32 am
  • nice concept, it another way to teach the up coming ones to be careful. i like this song die the chorus is wwwwoooooowwwwww

    Isaacnice June 6, 2011 4:06 am
  • i fell in luv with this song from the very first day i saw the video.brilliant work.u are a star,no doubt.

    igbe ayibamotimi June 18, 2011 2:40 pm
  • It seems only Jaluo and Michelle got d msg. They say about 30-40% of women get molested or abused by men they know or are related to. Dat means, u can sit down in church and say "you, you, you and YOU." God save us.

    Kenny June 20, 2011 8:25 am
  • Or worse, "ME, you, you and YOU."

    Kenny June 20, 2011 8:55 am
  • Dis song talks abt d reality of life. Mothers have 2 b very careful & watchful @ all tym. Ma'am u're d best eva…

    Victoria June 22, 2011 6:28 am
  • I must confess, the song is a nice and meaningful one. So, I give kudos to Omawumi, but she should let us know her husband who is the owner of her newly born baby.

    Rafter Ayodele, Akur June 25, 2011 10:46 pm
  • This song is so nice,its mind-blowing,u hv created a nice for urself.I don't stay a day without listening to If u ask me

    Okoligwe pamela June 26, 2011 10:44 pm
  • Omawumi u are the Best, RIDE ON

    Okoligwe pamela June 26, 2011 10:46 pm
  • What of you that got pregnant for some one"s husband

    Faith Ada July 1, 2011 12:23 pm
  • i like the song, the subject is very important I mean is a really problem in our society… I saw her video and I just thought wow this is amazing work. Lovely hit

    Gee July 15, 2011 10:42 am
  • na today this kind of thing dey happen?

    uche adolphus July 26, 2011 2:16 am
  • The is song is wonderful.i love it

    Toyin July 30, 2011 12:33 am
  • …if u ask me….d song na d bestest.

    Omann August 11, 2011 11:53 pm
  • lovely song. make sense die!

    nuella August 22, 2011 12:50 am
  • Hey im totaly in love with this song. All Naija people, i wana be friends with yall. I'm from SA and i just love naija and its people.

    Carmiey August 31, 2011 3:10 am
  • I could not resist using this song as my ring tone. wow

    Mike September 1, 2011 11:24 am
  • her song techniques r dangerously good n african

    Sonsom Bango September 13, 2011 6:33 am
  • Oh the music is great

    Endy September 14, 2011 11:39 am
  • Pls wia can I download dis music

    Endy September 14, 2011 11:41 am
  • Things lyk dis happen

    sonia October 1, 2011 11:31 am
  • I must confess dat this lyric is my favourite song ever. I can't stop listening 2 it every day. Plsss where can i get d song downloaded. Thnx.

    Godwin October 18, 2011 3:01 am
  • dis song is d bomb,abeg no bi bomb blast i talk

    chomzzy October 20, 2011 8:22 am
  • I love this song. It is educative. A very big kudos to u Omawuni.

    Realqueen October 22, 2011 2:53 am
  • I love dis song… I love the video… I love omawumi. She's 9ja's best

    Usen October 29, 2011 2:15 am
  • Ur creativity has paved ways 4 many Nigerians guys 2 orientate demselves & kno dat music is nt ab money makin alone bt havin deep insight. Ur music is a real gosple 4 those dat abuse children of les age& everybody.

    Johnson November 7, 2011 2:22 am
  • Lovely song by wafi babe

    yah November 11, 2011 9:02 am
  • Omawumi,u deserve an award.Dis song talks abt d reality of life.Pls mothers n all women,take note

    Ann November 15, 2011 2:07 am
  • Omawumi,u deserve an award.Dis song talks abt d reality of life.Pls mothers n all women folks,take note.Keep it up

    Ann November 15, 2011 2:12 am
  • i supported u mr johnson, music is nt abt making money only bt d mesg passing across, so to the divas, look well before u leap. kudos miss omowunmi.

    Bash04 November 27, 2011 12:16 am
  • update me

    roland oligbo November 29, 2011 8:53 am
  • Omawumi U are the bomb!!! This is one of the best naija muziks i've ever listened to. Keep it up. U've succeeded in passing the message across,dnt mind aprokos asking U silly questions and even judging U. They are not better than U.

    commy November 30, 2011 9:40 am
  • @ faith ada, shot up b4 I send bokoharam 2 u nw. Kudos 2 oma baby

    umar dangote February 6, 2012 3:57 am

    FARDY February 6, 2012 10:44 am
  • Wow!!! M speechless. U r good…..

    Obodoakor Martha March 2, 2012 2:11 pm
  • Diz iz just supab, exiplicit,unigue n extra ordinary. Na yu. Biko

    praiz April 1, 2012 2:06 pm
  • if u ask me, i go tell u say this song make brain.

    anonymous May 12, 2012 10:02 am
  • i luv your style,ur lyrics are wonderful,and u’re so creative.

    oma mine June 16, 2012 12:08 pm
  • Omote i luv ur muzik, kpoko 4 d producer.

    Fezak June 18, 2012 5:18 am
  • I luv dis song,and i wish issues lyk dis could be addressed more in our society…cos believe me,it happens everyday..

    Chelsy June 22, 2012 6:54 pm
  • Omowunmi, precious nd sally says kudos 2 ur creativity, we jst cnt stop playing dat song. Luv ya.

    Precious nd sally baby August 26, 2012 2:02 pm
  • GOSH! Imajn i just fell in lov with this song! I am actually really surprizd coz its really far from my type of music,but it simply drives me crr…azy! Good work Omawumi…

    Seba October 21, 2012 2:12 pm
    • Like seriously,it drives me crazy dude

      Kelvin March 18, 2017 3:35 pm
  • that song na die; i almost fly the day i heard this song, evrything about the song is superp, keep going girl u got all to be a star.i love it

    fogha October 29, 2012 7:35 am
  • very sweet song, this music almost make me go gaga when i heard it in a cabaret, it took away my sad look that day

    fogha October 29, 2012 7:39 am
  • NICE

    emy bob March 25, 2013 11:16 am
  • Nice! I actually use her song for exercising, great tempo!

    Tope August 21, 2013 11:13 am
  • omoumi tnk u nd God bless u. Nice wrk wit a hamonisin voice too pls keep it up.

    nancyphilz August 26, 2013 5:43 am
  • Omawunmi is tooooooo great I really love her and her songs. but she should paste some of her songs at sites like tubidy so that we can download some.

    Kiss Oma!

    keep it up , you go go far.


    Eric December 18, 2013 6:00 pm
  • I love all songs of Oma. but her songs should be pasted on sites like tubidy so that we can download them easily. love Oma. God bless you

    Eric December 18, 2013 6:03 pm
  • Killest song.I simply love it.

    Richlove January 29, 2014 2:55 am
  • Girl was raped by dad

    asdasd November 9, 2014 9:27 pm
  • More inspiration

    khaledmide June 16, 2016 10:01 am
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