Omo Akin – Ta Lo Sobe ft. Dotstar, IcePrince, Jesse Jagz, Shadow D Don

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titles=Omo Akin – Ta Lo Sobe- ft Dotstar_ Shadow D Don_ IcePrince _ Jesse Jagz]

Where them dey for London?
Where them dey for Yankee?
Where them dey for London?
Where them dey for Yankee?
D O T S T A R ta lo so be
O M O A K I N ta lo so be
J E S S E J A G G A ta lo so be
I C E P R I N C E ta lo so be
S H A D O W d D O N ta lo so be
Ta lo so be (x4)
Ibadi e lulu lu lu lu (x8)

It took too long to make this song so this right her cannot go wrong
So we just hype
Sippin’ on things
Green white black bottles don’t know the names
See I get paid to perform one song
And you pay money to perform one song
Karaoke I’m not okey
My balls to big but I’m so lowkey
No broke rappers tryna get in my zone
Its a walk in the palace but they don’t see the throne
I’m sitting right there
Really like meeeh
My kicks so fresh sound nothing like air
I no come London to snap pishure (gbagbe)
Hennessy on ice that’s a mad mixture
If you try us we go come beat y’all
I’m chilling by the sea you dey play C-saw (bar beach)

Shadow d Don
Jaggo scatter the beat go SKAANK
You just dey flow na
Tell me what you know bout us
We got more money than blood money
Talkin bout the ace in chocmoney
And no try to do me conny conny
Ah its funny funny
I’ll take you round the globe honey
Shoutout to aceklid that runs the town like jay did
Awon boys won beri
Tan ba ti ri Mr. Blackberry
Ibadi e buru buru
O ye ko fi ma lulu lulu
Ibadi e buru buru
O ye ko fi ma LULU

(Repeat Chorus)

All the girls in the club want to hold me for ransome
Kemi Shade Gbemi Tope Karen Tito Carmen Laide Adozie Ope Baileys Gray goose
E ma ti ju
Ki lo fe
Stinking rich
E wa fun mi lose
Tolu Temi Yemi Joke
E mi o fit discriminate
Stacy Lucy Becky wa n be (gbosa)
Ko mo le
Ta lo so be
E mi n mo so be x2

Omo Akin
Yo let’s go
And I’m all up in your face like pimples
Pretty boy no dimples
If you get issue
Go get a tissue
Give your girl tingles
Ready to mingle
Sweet like pringles
I’m so so single
Check my new single
Omo Akin I’m fresh like seafood
Ahn ahn and I really wanna kiss you
Ehn ehn ta lo so be

(Repeat Chorus)

Jessie Jagz
We just wanna have a good time
Shawty too fine
She gotta get in line
She bump and grind
Do the dirty wind
Ass about to blow up in my face and mind
She wanna get my pin
Blackberry storm
I wanna go in
Shawty its big and long
See me go back and forth (contract)
Reception in her eyes
I see the contacts
You better realise who I is (dangerous)
Third mainland bridge
Shawty super duper fly in a new car
Hmmm ikebe super
Bobby farm fresh
You can’t touch her (armless)
Genevieve looking tight actress
You gonna need a trap to boot or pack this
Ibadi e lulu
Bom Bom ibadi e duru
That party contractor
Rasta tabi actor!

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  • Dis song rocks

    abacus swag June 10, 2012 2:21 am
  • Wat a fyn rapper by ice man n jesses jagz

    Jlord September 27, 2012 6:46 am
  • really love it

    bankz January 25, 2013 10:40 am
  • wow guy u r all genius

    victor May 23, 2013 9:24 am
  • Dope

    maxxdream June 10, 2013 11:58 am

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