P-Square – Possibility ft. Tuface Idibia

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Tell me who made it possible
Who made it possible
Who made it possible
Only God made it possible
God made it possible

Girl I wish say, I fit say u too fine pass my mama
But that is impossible
Thumbs up to your mama cos she made it possible
Girl you too fine ehh
My girl I still believe say I fit say you too fine pass my mama
But that is impossible
You be the photocopy of your mama
Carbon copy of your papa too
Girl you too fine eh

Some people still believe say there is nothing like an African beauty
We dey dey yan say there is beauty in the African system
Africans we are the best
When it comes to beauty man we dey run the race
Nobody fit try u cos ur beauty is endless
Nevertheless, the black skin color is fadeless
Now you know say
Na your mama eh eh eh eh
and your papa eh eh eh eh
This no be small matter eh
Are you feeling me 2baba eh

Somebody say whooo ooo whhooo oooh girl
You are my African queen
The girl of my dreams
Took me where I never been
You make my heart go tinga-ling-aling

Repeat chorus (2x)

Tell me who made it possible
Your mama, your papa
Your mama, your papa
Only God made it possible
Go ask your mama, your papa

Verse – 2Face

Baby girl it is you that I see from the eyes of the eagle
Is like impossibility
cos people no dey see the way wey I dey see am
Your beauty is so pure and so clean from within I dey feel am
I no fit understand wetin e be wey everytime I go Abuja, I dey buy you Kilishi
I dey Free
I dey geti loving spee when I dey with you
Everybody truly know now

Me say me say
Girl please stand up tall ad let shine
Your beauty is divine
Girl, you too fine oh no
I need you by my side to be my wife
The mother of my child
So help me sing it

(Repeat hook)

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat bridge)

What is the possibility
See am a true born African king
You are a true born African queen
My mama born the rude boy African singer
So na who born this African beauty
This no be small matter eh
Are you feeling me 2baba eh

(Repeat hook)

(Repeat chorus)

  • 52
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