Phenom – DRM ft. C.O.O.P

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titles=Phenom-DRM (Phenom ft. C.O.O.P)]

Girl if you wanna be
Higher than a
Number three
Put up your hands in the shape of letter “C”
Put ’em together make it sound like do re mi
do re mi

Ok am back on this verse
I dont really care for better or wose
You know that I love you just wanna hug you
Just wanna justa wanna just wanna hold you tight
And keep you in my sight
I promise that everything’ll be alright
You know that i’m never gonna leave youu
Never gonna let ’em tease you cus I aim to please you
So let them talk
They all staring at the way we walk
And they all be envying the way we rock
And they all be tryna guess how we poppin
But you know that we aint stoppin
Baby girl imma take you shoppin
Buy you anything you want
And even if you dont need it consider it bought
Well here’s a thought
Why dont we get down baby we on top
And why dont we go round baby we don’t stop
And while we at it we can stay right at the top
And plus I’ll like to thank you
For all the things that you do
I wanna be more then friends
Sing with me DRM


Girl I love you
Yes I do
And till the end I will always do
Thank my God for the day that I found you
Cuz my whole world changed when I met you
Girl I can’t stand being without you
And no one can ever replace
Cuz with you
The future really is bright
And the love I have for you
Is brighter than the sunlight
Cuz you lighted my whole world like a candle
Like you took me to space in a shuttle
Then at stars I gazed
With the brightest shine
But when I see your face
None’s as bright as thine
Ain’t really a wonder
Cuz you’re so divne
So don’t bother
Asking me if you’re fine
Cuz from the way you walk
From the way you talk
Looking in your eyes girl I’m always in a shock
So like do re mi
Hope you understand me
And know that you’ll always have me
Marvel you like Stan Lee
Always make you happy
As long as you have me
You can always count on me
So with this said I hold my piece
But all I ask you now is If if if if if if


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