Plus One – My Belle

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Eeh… Eeh…Music Yo!

Blarque Brotha Entertainment..

Look’u look’u comot your face for there.. Wag’wan

Paco Music baby..


We rise and we fall, to stand up again

We try ‘cos we’re strong, so I’m singing this song

My Belle oo, My head oo

My Belle, My belle, My head oo

Ooh, Ooh ayy ehh ehh

Look’u, look’u comot your face oh eeh!


Sometimes there’s too much fire

Don’t blame me na my strong desire

So I called my baby and my mama

Dem say dem want some this, some that oh!

Time no deyy oh

That’s why me no want slow ‘mo (Oh! God)

The clean or the dirty one, na who know?

Na me go define am.

Wetin I know be say, I want am plenty abundant

All I know be say, I no want poor circumstance

So I hustle every night and day no shame

Stay on top my game everyday no play

Blow siren, I’m a flying plane

That’s why me sing this song for ya

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2:

Living life in Lagos city

When it comes to hustle, we no know pity (eeh eeh)

Why u dey look my face

Dis life na waa ooh

I swear everybody dey try oh

Me, I’m a real true born Naija ooh!

No dey look’u look’u me broad

No talk bad about me sista

If I no fit fight you, I must bite you

I’m flying like a butterfly

So high and high until to the sky

Imma fly till the day that I die

Until the day that I touch the stars

(Repeat chorus)

Bridge/Verse 3:

We keep flying along our way

Right now we’ve been celebrated like it’s Christmas day

We gon’ sing till our hair turns grey

Keep living on the fast lane, we know no delay.

Oya eeh…

(Repeat chorus till fade)

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  • love u

    dapoitunu April 20, 2011 4:34 am
  • Keep it guys, i love ur swagg.

    My belle oh my head oh

    my belle my belle my head.

    Eddybobo May 16, 2011 8:25 am
  • Keep it up guys, i love ur swagg.

    My belle oh my head oh

    my belle my belle my head.

    Eddybobo May 16, 2011 8:26 am
  • Mr mi you are jst too much, me love ur swagg me feeling ur styl keep it up my guy

    klumzyy July 15, 2012 3:27 pm
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