Pro Inc – Fi Mi Le Remake

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Submitted by Oyinkansola

Kas beat

Intro (oji)
Joor oo its pro inc in the building once more
Yh you know what it is yh ahn
We had to do this
Its like fi mi le ehn fi mi le
Its about to go down

Verse 1(Scream)
Yo fi mi le jor
E fe malo di eti bi pe e gbo
Boys are not smiling ma tie lo gor
Pro inc is riding we moving on tours
They feeling us frm gidi to abroad
Heating up the stages they be asking for encore
Haters te ba binu e ma binu ke malo
E ma binu ke bi ibeji ke ma so nko te fe so
We appreciate yall for the props
We Alist yall soon be checking us on forbes
Dreams do come through like Martin Luther saw
A black man presido in a white man’s world

Verse 2 (Yung mo)
Heyo its zuky
Hennessy gat me acting loosely
Chicks on my dick and dey wondering whose he
Am flyboitohbad you can be my twitter groupie
Wole must be peter am paul she wants to do me
My flowz so tasti
Baby shon sun ni
Take you on a trip in the city
Waddup suki
Pro inc is d building yung mo is the blue print
I put the game on the leash shez acting like a loose bitch
Baby bami jo
Jen ba e wi let’s do this sharp sharp mi o raye activity
No tym for long thing let’s be fast to the suite
Pro inc murderer but its kas on d beat fi mi le

Verse 3 (Ola)
Technically generally you are really hot
Even if ur nt available 100 on the spot
You know that you hot and I like the way you move the butter
No time for fronting no time long thing
Every body knows that you are definitely over all these competently baby mama
Make you wanna have my daughter
Grinding me wey no get lever
Bobby wey dey change weather
Baby no dey jump okada go gbagada follow swagger
Baby no whala come and chop the gala jor
I no be maga but you know gat to hala jor
I got d swagger so you know you like the gala jor
Your boy na maga so I know you like the lala jor
When you walk into the room
Dere wld be nothing but mmm
And my eyes start to zoom on that really cute boom
And I wanna be the groom definitely not soon
When you walk into the room I can knack you to the moon like

Verse 4 (Whalaay)

Fly boy yh so they call me whalaay
So I sing and rap you can call me young drake
Working my way just to get that bay
Atm status so the scream my name
Ekiti ni mi so I rep where am from
Young mr trey so I lyk juan am the don
Gidi ild be chilling like all week and long
Getting money status right when am done
Jam dis lady right at the club sweating me so I act like a boss
She notice me so she wan come dey front
Emi tunrase so I sang her a song like sun mo mi baby sun mo mi ahh
Sun mo mi mo fe jenbe mo fe jenbe

Verse 5(Oba)
Omo yoruba lemi na
Open up your ear ke gbo tani so
Haters len wa last last e lana
Bi koko obe ti won fe sebo
E sun mo emi ti so fun yin an gbona
Dagrin rest in peace forever you soar
Tori gbogbo track yi lawa le ko
Gbe moin moin wa emi le jeko
Beef pelu stew even ontop
Sun mo mi baby ore yen ti gor
She sabi game buh she no sabi ball
E typical say the girl na bolo
Tori shon ti so fi mile jor
Step to dis place you the first thing I saw
Bring that ass here ko tele mi ka lo
My plan has bin mastered oshamo

Verse 6 (Subby)
Its your boy subbyiano
Fat boy toh badt
Mtn flows any where I go recognise ma swag yes I know
Toh ba mess pelu mi olorun o ma blow
Kas beat


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  • Haters te ba binu e ma binu ke malo

    E ma binu ke bi ibeji ke ma so nko te fe so

    Madddddd linnneeee!!!! I love proInc

    ProInc Fan December 26, 2010 10:05 pm
  • Love every verse on dis track!!! U guys are goin places

    Lanray December 26, 2010 10:08 pm
  • I'm feeling every verse on dis track….u guys are going places

    lanray December 26, 2010 10:12 pm
  • Pro inc baby! Lines on point

    Foza December 31, 2010 2:28 am

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