Provabs – Hope

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Verse 1
It might get worse, it might get harder
It might feel like a curse, it might get madder,
It might feel like the whole world’s against you. Drama,
It might get darker, love turned sour.
There’s so much rejection, no mother no father,
You’re living in frustration, surrounded by palava.
You’re praying for redemption, nobody even bothers
Friends turn haters, agony gets greater.
There’s so much pain, no sunshine, rain.
Confusion in your brain, your strength is all drained.
You’re breaking under strain, no cash to get the grain.
You’ve waited forever, it’s like you are going insane.
You’re feeling so lonely; no plan of yours is working,
Doors keep closing, life keeps imposing, you’re frozen, you’re roped in, you’re groaning, you’re boning.
Provabs’ here to say regardless, keep hoping

No matter how hard life may be, (you gon’ pull through) 2ce }2ce
Yes you gon’ pull through. }

Verse 2
It’s high time you’re breaking out of prison
Like the soon coming Messiah, you’re risen,
Your momentum’s increasing, your doubt level’s ceasing
You can’t quit believing, anxiety’s easing,
‘Cause deep inside your heart it’s hope that you’re feeling
It’s rising like the sun, lights up like a lighter,
Inscribed on the pages of your heart like a writer
Stands up against opposition like a fighter,
Conquers ‘cause it’s brighter, ignited from desire
So see beyond the pain, all you see is glory
The making of a hero, the making of a story
It’s holy, it’s heavenly, it’s stamina, it’s victory,
You’re fit to be, ‘cause you paid the price, you’re making history,
You’re taking over nations; you’re taking over dynasties,
Your destination’s destiny, you’ve made your success recipe
It’s melody, your remedy, crafted so cleverly,
Finally you’ve carved out your throne, your reality
Yes 3ce say yes like Obama
Yes, ‘cause it’s grammar, yes ‘cause you’ll hammer
Yes, ‘cause it’s evident you’ll overcome the drama
Yes, ‘cause I sprang back, now I bang,
I rank, I thank,
That I never gave up, so I never sank,
I stay on top like a high tank,
Ha ha! Now I’m smiling to the bank!

[Chorus] (2x)

With God nothing is impossible,
It’s not by might or by power too,
Just know that He’ll see you through
‘Cause only God can make it possible!

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  • I lov you wiz when ever i'm singing the song i'm in lov wit my boyfrend wizzy u ar 2 much

    Priscilia January 3, 2012 10:33 pm

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