Real – Baale ft. Edirol

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titles=BAALE – real ft. Ediro]

Oh hi ah hi ahh (x2)
It`s something inside so strong.
People have been doing me wrong so long.
Thought all my pride has gone – Oh no.(no no no)


What victory could i get searching for help
Work through silence for the sound of step.
Try to calm and remove the fear……………..
even to myself have been insincere.

Am a man who finds every being meaningful
Don`t mind me if am a bit cynical
Between rich and poor is a thick line
Still make hey if the sun don`t shine

Look at the place where fingers pointed
If corruption were taken for granted
All due respect don`t wanna be rude
Am always loudest even in my neighborhood

Change the tune they can`t change the moon
Hold the gun they can`t hold the sun
Born in the ghetto – ghetto
Doesn`t mean ghetto was born in you.


Baale nta ogogoro
Iyawo re nta alomo
Omo re nse agbere
Esi le fe su labule.

I respect a dead man but all
Is he who is not born to see the
Under the sun………
Liberation is a must
I was born in surferation
But that is not a curse
The system is designed to take away your money
(Wey me tell you)
You have been working from 9-5 but still
Can`t feed your family(Wey me tell you)
Rich meals wealth in the city
Destruction of the poor is poverty,vanity
This is my meditation……
Jah lift me higher
While the devil burning ina fire
Tell the evil doers them retire
You know see man ah survival(Wey)


Got no love for us except for their own eternity
Got my dreams fullfiled with God`s liberty
Held captive but God set me free
Am in a process of facin reality

Am still gonna urge everybody to stay
Sometimes i wish i could run away
To a place all things being equal
You know what i mean is Ceteris Paribus

Now everybody keep the candle burning
We gonna scape through the storming
Make way make room for anointing
Nobody can destroy our Godly being


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  • Real….. It’s a song dat if u listen to, u are to reason wit it… I luv it….

    Ogunleke adeyemi oluwafemi a.k.a thynioux March 2, 2012 5:34 am
  • Real baba, i really like the music because you make people to understand that our country is corrupted. Thanks and keep it up!

    Ogunleke Oluwaseyi Ayobami a.k.a Seyilah (Successor) April 25, 2012 2:37 am
    • Love This Song. It’s fantastic.

      Adebanjo Olusegun January 9, 2014 4:31 pm

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