Redkad – Dreams ft. Everly Brothers

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Verse 1
Dad said to me son what do you wanna be/
When you look in the future what do you foresee/
What are your aspirations tell me your dreams/
So i searched my heart and i said to him/
First it seemed i wanna be a doctor/
Now i wanna be a rapper or an actor/
Sell platinum in my first album/
Kick rap to every part of the universe,All race,culture no matter how diverse/
I wanna make sense with every of my verse,be amongst the rich so i can help the low class/
I’m serous i wanna be a rap genius/
Make the game look like it aint tedious/
Everyday i pray Jesus,i want my own houses n jeeps/
Jeweleries,houses,factories n ships/
I dream of good leadership,Obama is in America,we wanna see a white president here in Africa/
No George bushes no Osama’s/
Ethnic wars turn men to cadaver/
Rip brenda fassi,we av got to tag along whether from Kano or Kumassi/

Verse 2
I want to meet one on one with Mandela/
Shake hands with Zidane n Maradonna/
Nas n myself live on stage in Africa/
A duo with R-Kelly/
A film with Harley berry/
Do a song with my girl like Nelly n Kelly/
I wanna be no 1 artiste for Kenny/
In this musik business im one amongst many/
Let me kiss darego n Genevieve/
Have my video’s on channel o n Mtv/
I believe all fela says when he sing/
I wanna be remembered just like him/
Im gonna make six records/
Write Redkad in the guineas book of records/
Raise a rap army/
Madison square garden im bringing back the Grammy/
I’m first son iv got to dream big/
Have got a young brother n lots of nieces to feed/
No excuse for failure iv got to succeed/
secure the future for all of my kids/
Buy mum a rodeo,Dad a benzo/
Bye-bye to poverty for me n friends oo/

Verse 3
A world consisting of one race/
Every religion come worship in one place/
Like Game said this is one blood/
One face,one love,one music/
One accord,one plan,one dream,one blue print/
One God,one life,one team,one spirit/
One truth its hard for you to conceal it/
One language even deaf people hear it/
Like Nostradamus i know my future iv seen it/
I walk with my head high nobody can kill it/
My doggy style is 5 mics from the source/
Everything is a classic like big of course/
That why i need samples from Dj premiere/
To sprinkle a lil bit of heaven for you ears/
My life will not be measured by the number of years/
But the number of times i helped clean your tears/

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