Redkad – Get Ya Hands Up

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titles=Redkad – Get ya hands up]

Now i know you cant wait to see my cdz drop/
Dats gonna b a blessing for real Hip-hop/
I get ya votes like Obama when you hear me talk/
Do speeches over beats so hear me spit/
My hit carry far more lines than Nepa poles/
My bars r far more iron,you cellulose/
The feeling of a King/courage of a slave/
I kick the B outta Brave im the Rave of d moment/
Thug poet/Rap Nobel laureate/
Call me a rapper or a prophet i say it before they saw it/
Get down like its bullets im spraying/Dez rappers im slaying/
Im more radio active than uranium

My cdz r Hard drugs i push em to the limits/
And i aint gonna stop till everybody sniffs it/
Like one divide by three my sale is infinite/
You wanna rival me get sent to the spirits/
Superiority complex,was raised from the ghetto/
Where the roads are gully and the bus black and yellow/
Hip-hop aint dead i brought its medication/
Most of ya rappers need re-education/
I push the G back to OLD i shine like that/
Take the S outta Scold my degrees like that/
Rap’s mathematics the addition of words/
Bur i take T outta Thug im showing them Love/

The beauty of a queen,a prisoners dream/
This is Goodluck that night he won the election/
The victory speech,Soyinka’s poetry/
Ya names should be McCain cos you loose frequently
The freedom of a girl cant wait to be 18/
The joy of a team as soon as they win/
imma hustlers dream car,a girls first sex/
More composed than a well written love text/
John the baptist of Rap,Simon cyrene of hiphop/
Help the game carry the cross to the hilltops/
Get ya hands up,its the swat team/
and you’ve been busted around a crime scene/

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