Ricoslim – Let Me Speak

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titles=Ricoslim- Let Me Speak]

Good morning it’s a new day

Made it through the night, hip hip hurray

Oya begin dey hustle for some new pay

Because the show goes on Lupe

Never wait for people for your success

Cause the truth is life is a contest

No be who start race dey come first

Cause even your best man fit chop first

People tell me you you can never do well

Never listen let the hater go to hell

Cause they tell me say I no fit shine

Say my rap no sweet with no punch line

But no be by who do pass

If u sabi book die you fit still come last

See I follow my dreams yet with no compass

If you carry cutlass I go jump and pass

I swear

Life is a bitch amma hug mine

Cause I don dey streets for a long time

Treck from magodo to ikeja

Festac bin dey find doe for my next track

But amma keep rapping in the loud speech

Till my money is like sand in the south beach

Cause I no come lagos to go beach

So I go blow this year don’t doubt me

So if you hating on me go fry spit

Na baba God noni, no try beef

But if you really hungry go catch fish

But me I’ll be making money y’all cant reach

So let the beat drop make I dey rap go

I know u listen whenever I flow

I no be the kind rapper way dey form say

Na me fine pass if the club pop champagne

Am just a real dude that you can relate to

Studio working on my new single

Cause many things for this life ehn

Na only baba God know wetin dey happen

So no be you holy pass

No be she holy pass

Me way dey rap sef no be me holy pass

You dey carry shoulder

You go fall too fast

God dey my system una dey try put flash

Am just tryna live life to the fullest

Cause you no go ever know who fit blow next

They say time is money

So my rolex so blinged maybe time no dey show well

But oh well I rap so well

But my flows so sick so I no well

They say who no get mama no dey go well

Shey dey say who dey go church no dey go hell

Many people talk many things

But at the end of the day

What do you believe?

And there are many heights that I gotta reach

But before I get there



Before I get there


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