Rilwan – Legacy ft Dammy Krane

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titles=Rilwan – Legacy Ft. Dammy Krane]

Think back,Think back
Back in the day wen I used to skip class
Reminisce bout the things in my path
My whole life crash wen boy no pass
In mi casa ,hey mama
Remember all the times tht u to woop ma ass
I remember the pain when my sister passed
My dues over paid
Common serva , how do u do
To all ma ex’s trie bien a vous
Ekeate said she has a baby for you
ur Landlord yan say rent don due
But shey u wan kpef ursef
I’m gon ‘dance away ur sorrows’
To all the people dat won’t give up

Dammy: Jus ‘dance like no tommorow’

to all the people dat want to give up

Dammy: No where to go u dey for hold up

Dammy Krane:
If they no send me before
Now they send me now a days
Haters wey dey vex
Now they send me now a days
Cuz they’r all on my P
Legacy mi no ree (x2)
Wa tu kurumola dancia
Dance away my sorrows
Wa tu Kurumole dancia
Dance like no tomorrow

Mummy mummy e wa wo rilwan
Baba ti gbe tutun dey
Lati new york dey abule
They be feeling the boy cz o the way he relates
In this cold world
Bush pass me my jacket
Our 1st show yes we attacked it
I Remember we wer left flabagasted
Mayne measures wer drastic
Everytime I’m spitting, I’m killing them with the aura
You can ask my mom she gon tell you what I bout her
What do u know bout the life I’m living
The jokes
The games
The strife
The women
The tears
The pain
the fights I been in
My sweat & blood the dj’s wernt spinning
I know U used to doubt my flow in the beginning
Till I came with that killing
I’m winning

(Repeat Chorus)

They can’t get me (no way)
Yeah I know they can’t get me
Its butter boy in the building
Its play records in the building
When they see me, I know the feeling him
Cz they know I’m for that milli-on(money money)
When they see me, I know the feeling him
Cz they know I’m for that milli-on
Krane tell em
And I know
Krane tell em
That we gold
We go blow.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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