Gwariboy – Ground Zero

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verse 1
Ive been on this situation so long
dont wanna go
i thought about it
ive seen it all
dont wanna hurt again
you said that
we were comfortable
no im not sure
we not comfortable
said i wouldnt hurt you
you said good intentions never last
we in a deadly departed
coz God knows how much i tried

This is Ground yee..(2x)
this is ground zero..
no more late night text
no more even bathroom calls
our love turned cold ice cold situation
like icebag
we flying ground zero

Verse 2
i probably shouldn’t have never told you how i felt inside
the night before the fall
but everything seemed right
you’re always on my mind Habby
thought i letchu know
i cant letchu go
i tried so many times you know
and every time i try the more i love you more
i know it sounds dramatic
but its true
im a helpless romantic
correct me if im wrong
i never ever doubted
when you said we should never be apart
but that love is lost
we grew far apart
and we had it once before
i thought you should know baby i’ll never stop
i promise i will love you till my heart beat stops
you know
that i
mean every word

//repeat chorus//

Verse 3
We had little games we were playing every morning
o oh, o oh, o oh, yea yee….
i loved you make up
i loved your smile
i think about it
like everyday
if we ever get to love again
i’ll be the first to admit how it hurts
coz here without you
my world’s so blue
and i am to blame

//repeat chorus// (2x)

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