Rolemodels – How We Role

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Submitted by Yung Drug

This is how we role
EveryWhere we go
The haters wanna know
How we get we doe

This is how we role
Everywhere we go
The haters wanna know
How we stealing the show


Verse1 : YUNG DRUG (@iamyungdrug)
I decide the turf that Niggas walk on
I’m the boss ur shawty calls on
Put my CD on Like a Condom
Who’s rap’s messiah?-Nigga c’mon

Its ur boy Drug,yeah I Get it in
Ink stays red,paper stays green
Still Las-gidi’s badboy, NO Diddy
Represent the best outta Lagos City

Rap for the Hood,Rap cuz I should
And if iGet paid Nigga its all good
Don’t be mad cuz iMoved 2the woods
Even in J.D iRep NollyWood!

Green-white-green Nigga dats wussup
Flygerian Shawty show me love
Dats standard procedure
she act dumb iTeach her
Now YUNG-DRUG gets paid to feature..


VERSE 2 : Phlowetry
Catch me in the store like damn i want more
phlow crazy when she get it in
blockers hit the door go
last time i yelled whoa
be better act like you know
na na now pause a bit
bad internet
get it bugging when they see us cruise a bit
bo bought it cause i can
honey wait your turn
Money na my own thing
I just burn

Rolling on a full tank of gas
Hit the club and don’t need a pass
We rare,Haters so far in the rear
We so high up there course
Burning up like the furnace up
we got this in control
thus,we new new
we full proof
best ask who
We rule


VERSE 3 : lOli-BOi
Ama big big boy big boss yes boss
see me in da club spending money all tym money on ma mind all day till i die
got a 100 thousand naira cash baby dats rit

see we doing west side spending money all tym
d be highness,loli be da fynest
swag so fresh n da haters wana try us,.
money on da line yes boss no lie

we so fly me no lie
role models records baby yeah we paid
i dnt give a F how we get it double tyms
double ‘R’ B baby yes come thru

this is how we role you already know
see the money pile up loli boy iz to much
pocket full of doe shawty like wat it do
see me in da spot baby girl come thru

yung drug here we aint got no fear
standard procedure kall me da mayor
living so large livn so big
am da boss am da boss u better dnt cross


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  • Yeah tom sup role models.loli boy u'r good on d chorus yes boss.

    martin chiedozie August 25, 2011 5:32 am

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