Rugged Man – How You Want Am ft. Funbi

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Chorus – Funbi
Tell me how you want am
Tell me why they can’t just let me be me
If you think say e easy
Why don’t you just try to be me?
This is sweat and pain
Tell me how you want am
I tried so hard to make you love me
But you got to tell me what you want
Whether na this or that
I got your back
All you got to do is tell me how you want am

Verse 1
Tell me how you want am
Graham or Huntham
Plywood or paco
2 by 4 or long-span
Life be like dance
You galala or you crump am
First you got to pass the ball
Then you got to dunk am
Tell me what you aiming at
Taraba or Tennesee
Penthouse or BQ
Alomo or Henessey
Pata or Gstring
Amala or bread and tea
Back it up or front am
Drogba or Peleti
The hustle like an anti-personal mind
Eniyan to ma blow ma blow
O sa need lati fese si
Need la ti fi sweat, tears ati eje si
O need lati gba awe
Need lati febe si
So tell me how you want am
tell me how you want am
Even if you get long legs, u no go fit jump am
Life is a test, you weak? You go flunk am
But, not me (not me)

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2- Rugged Man
Tell me how you want am
Short sleeve or long hand
AC or just fan
Once in a while or constant
Molue or mustang
Airport or bus stand
Too long they gave us promises with no substance
Tell me how you want it
Mohawk or punk it
The poor masses be like snake no man wan kiss
You go suffer be like toilet, who go wan shit
And if to steal wetin dey rain
Who no go wan thief
Tell me how you want
Babalawo or Psychic
Bread or puff puff
Ocada or motorcyclist
Suya or shawama
Superhero or psychic
Corruption has gone on too long
We gotta fight it
Now tell me how you want am
Tell me how you want am
We go give it to you take off, you no go one stand
We go raise our voices and your dreams we go hunt am
Till you look us and tell ask us how you want am

(Repeat chorus)

Hook – Funbi

So tell me what it is you want me to do
Back and forth my goal is to stay pleasing you
So many things people keep telling me do this or that
And I am loosing my mind
So many race somebody show me
And if they want they can be me
And I’m in the middle, why can’t I be me? (yea)

Verse 2 – Rugged Man
So tell me how you want am
Shey make I Forest Gump am
Bled for the industry faster than my heart fit pump am
Load so heavy even camel no be hump am
Rubbish too much even Lamar no fit dump am
Tell me how you like me
Aint nobody like me
Book of face , keep my cool nothing excites me
Did it on my own when nobody would hype me
Got a problem with that? Ntoi..bite me
Now tell me how you need am
I give you, you receive am
Like prophet, I told them my vision but they no heed am
Them talk, I hear am
Them tweet, I read am
But why would I go dey beef them folks, I no need am
So tell me how you want am
Champagne, imma blunt am
Peace or war, miss or score
Tell me all, one time
Death comes to all, it’s bound to happen sometime
So now you alive, make hay while the sun shines

(Repeat chorus)

Blaze beats on the beats
IntheMix on the Mix
Funbi on the Hook
Rugged Records baby
Tell me how you want am
Tell me how you want it yeaa

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  • Nice one @ bukie. Mad song by rugged man ft funbi, song was produced by @ madbalize on twitter pls show some love.

    blaze beat. November 16, 2011 8:03 pm

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