Rukus – Enigma Freestyle

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titles=Rukus – enigmafreestyle]

5 years ain’t gettin love from the DJs
My own country sleepin on me, no PJs,
Windows down, no AC on the freeway,
’92 Camry – i only paid 3K [true story lol],
And when it brokedown, who was gon’ feed me?
Back to Naija – heard the game needs me
Callin my cousins, gotta recharge Peezy [the calling card],
They ask me, “when you get with Jazzy and Yeezy”,
In Imo State, na “Yeezy” be “Yesi”,
In soccer terms, na “Rukus” be “Messi”,
Class is in session, and my flow is a blessing
You ain’t studied my material so nigga don’t test me
Battle my demons – turn’em to a hot song,
Battled the devil for my evolution – God won [Godwon, checkout his album “Evolution”],
So why you think I’d be afraid of any men?
Put hands to they head, they gon’ fall, – Benny Hinn [the preacher] Sittin in the guestroom, writing out my next tune,
Its out this world – so I sent this joint to Neptune [the DJ],
Sent it to Jimmy Jatt, I don’t need a jimmy hat [condoms],
I’m going raw on this, making babies on the track
They all babies on the mic – where’s the Similac [baby food]?
I’m like an alien to y’all – where the Men In Black [the movie]?
Where’s the Hen(nessy) and Jack(Daniels), where’s the Crown(Royal) and Yack[Cognac],
Yoruba chick with no bootie, where’s the fun in that?
And when I do a show, chicks think I’m Negro,
I tell’em that I’m Igbo, I got a big ego,
My crew’s puttin in work – our whole shift ate,
And I’m a star like you holding down Shift-8 [thats an asterisk],
Forget a mixtape, – I’m tryin to fix fate,
None of y’all shinin, – I’m puttin on the thick drapes
Avoid ya boy, leave the track so destroyed,
I think my competition gets the picture now – Polaroid,
These other niggaz they be gone in a flash,
If you missin ya ‘P’ then ya probably make a dash [look at ya keyboard] See thats a typo, y’all pockets on lypo(suction),
(I did the Gbono)”Feli Feli” remix ‘fore anybody that I know…
Ask Ovie, ask Demola,
I’ve been bubblin like someone shaking up a Coca-Cola,
And you’ve been fizzled out, – nobody really knows ya,
No more subliminals, I’m sure somebody told ya –
And ya girls wanting me to win too,
We been on that Under G – thats word to Sinzu [Saucekid]…
Sippin Mimosas, in the club not sober,
i keep a 10 behind me, like JJ Okocha [his jersey number]-
And thats a dime for you niggaz missin lines
She wanna “kick it”, and the “goal” is my sofa,
But time to wind down – I’m on my grind now,
I’ll be gone in December, got Lagos on my mind now,
leave’m souflayed, if I don’t get the 2K,
– Its a fiasco, I’ma call (up) Lupe…


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