Sagas – Fweshboiz

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titles=Sagas – fWesh boiz]

its j’baby(sagas)
its the mixtape F.A.K.E baby.
I see you psimfoni.

Verse1 (Sagas)
me na bad guy, you na razz
i ‘l be rocking your radio no be jazz
i’m killing this rappers in a scale of ten
shake your tail feather hen!
The say we too the form jando,
am so Good,lucky(Goodluck) and you nt even sambo,
i and psimfoni cruising in a lambo
killing rap pirates, we blowing like orlando,
from uniuyo to the studio
your grl screaming i like the way you do me oo…
We not p-sq,we draw ur lady out t-sq
and we fresh and we dont dull
your girl tripping and she begging for a phone call
i dont realy care,i migrate but if i enter the place i gyrate

We the kill everything o oo….
Wetin my hand touch, e no dey leave again o oo….
We are killing it, you are feeling it.
Fwesh boiz yeah yeah yeah(8x)

Verse 2 (SAGAS)
You ‘r such a minimini wanawana type,
i hope someday,you gana find another guy
find another guy wey you go tell another lie
after all i do,you no realy wana try
no wonder why you the do like likiliki
i bin dey scatter my dreads reggae reggae
jst to luv that pretty grl
if u get lady wey dey do you somehow
she dey do like say na only she dey run town
better do make her rubbish come down
you can do it anywhere even for her compound
she go wan aww,she go wan frown
anyhow you do…. No go do am one round
or you go turn clown,so better shutdown
if you like,you keep it lockdown

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3 (PSIMFONI)

me na badguy,why you dey act like say u no know me
me na fweshboi, why you dey do like say you no feel me
cheking my fresh, i’m d fweshboi
your girl dey ask,who be that guy?
I stay on point and i the rock joint
i no dey make noise……
And i be fweshboi,na why your girl just dey follow follow me
and i be badguy na why your chik jst d gumgum me
see,i’am too bad o…,
O’gve bad o o…,
sagas bad o….
We too bad o oo…. And you razz o…..

(Repeat chorus)


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  • Sagas, dis is ur dude from Uniuyo- 2'WYTH DA POET. This a beautiful song with etighified beat to commit everyone to the dance floor. Please push this song with all you have, am praying for you, this year, you go hammer. For God's grace and gift you already have it. Go! and succeed………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2'WYTH DA POET February 4, 2012 1:29 am

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