Sammie – On the Low

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titles=Sammie – On the Low (Final)]

Them always say you too de do things on the low,
If idey talk to kiki idey talk to stephany,them no de know,
I no be like them other guys wey do things just for notice me,
When I’m with my guys you know I’m chilling on a superlowkey,
On the low,I’m chilling on a low low key,
On the low,I’m chilling on a low low key,
On the low I’m chilling on a superlowkey,
On the low I’m chilling on a low low key

Verse 1:
My name is sammiie but you dunno me,
Cuz I’m all black chilling on a superlowkey,
Chilling with my guys yeah they super og’s,
But you dunno them guy and you dunno me,
And they say my verse is amazing,
And they say my swag is amazing,
And me I no de try hear that now,
Tryna sell a hit song to a sell out crowd,
Then I hit the stage and the screaming now,
Then ihit the stage girls going wild,
That girl talk say she wan whine me now
Then I tell her make she eim come grind me now,
The way you wine oshe,
she dey make my soldier salute,
The way you grind mogbe,
I really dunno what to do,

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:
Bosi gban gba,bosi gban gba,
No dey delay,
You say you wan grind okay today na today,

All the girls in the club them be feeling my swag,
From babcock to unilag,
Blowing my money,
I’m blowing it blowing it fast,
No need for looking back,
Girls wey no like me before them dey like me now,
I’m making my mama proud,
If you feeling my verse on the song right now,stand up and sing it loud

(Repeat Chorus)

Some people call it coded,some people call it under G,
No matter what you call it,I’m still giving you lowkey,
Lowkey,I’m chilling on a low lowkey
Lowkey,I’m chilling on a superlowkey

(Repeat Chorus)


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