Sarz – Bad Man ft. Wizkid

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titles=Sarz feat.Wizkid-Bad Man]

Whine for me gal
Baby whine for me
Move for me gal
Baby move for me
Baby shake your body move for me grind for me
Baby shake your body whine down low

See can’t you see
I’ve been looking at you
I got much love for you
And I will never take you for a fool
My baby can’t you see
My baby you are good for me
My baby I love you eh
And I will love you till the end of time

Say no to bad man
Cos bad man just gon break your heart girl
My baby my love for you gonna stay to the endx2
My love for you

The way you shake it shake it
The way you break it break it
The way you wiggle and whine girl you wreck it wreck it
The way you work it work it
You’ve got me looking and wanting
Cos me love the way you move your body shake it shake it
And you teasing me an whining
You drop it and lock it
You make a rude boy
You make me take off my jacket
Girl you look so fine
You are my design



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