Sauce Kid – Getting To The Money ft X.O Senavoe

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My metaphors are metamorphous like Morpheus forming informants informing informers of X.O’s awesome performance
In other words, (it’s) like a sauna the way I sorta put these words in order, in order to make em hotter – like my persona
XO Voe, right?!?! Considered the illest to spit it infinite, you can find me in NYC or Gidi fitted
Or A-c-c-r-a so Lagos wid it! Ha! Just started rapping so they’ve benefitted
But I’m in the game now though – like Magic Johnson in 1980, a rookie with a ring and already stuff of legend
So many bars, guess I’ll start the sentence, I’m in the pocket, bout to get em, quarterback and pass em
I touchdown – more often than wide receiversss, them nuccas is ballin? My foot! See the way the fans receive us!?
But – we don’t do whores (horse) though – Seabiscuits; Everybody wants to be a millionaire – Regis!
Back to this money nucca, back to the money; Yo, they spit ‘Wanda Sykes funny’, what these jokers wanting from me?
Nobody’s better, uh-uh! Not even Usain Bolt could catch up if I was blind and half-stepping – like semi-tones
We get around more than merri-goes, Pockets way deeper than em bari-tones
We see them Tools though huh? “How you doing?” We hired the Drivers so we can concentrate on the Screwing
Wherever X.O and Sauce be trouble Bruins (trouble’s brewing), You see LA (UCLA) is up in Cali – we gotta common influence (Get it?)
It’s stupid the way I put it – you gotta loop it; Remember when Babajide was in love with Guadalupe?
I am the ‘P’, ask my nucca Naeto C, Who’s the best? I gotta B (be), I free madness like Terry G (Gbagaun!)
V.I., see I, the sickest lyricist to spit, flow so B.I.
G., always been known as V.I.P., now I’m ‘The Greatest’, me A-li
Cashius Clay, listen up Sonny, I’m King and I dey like Sunny, so kick it – no Kaita Sani
Fix up your faces, this beat is decapitated, and I just buried the body, so let’s get back to this money!

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