Sazzy and DJ Atte – The Takeover Intro ft. M.I

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titles=Sazzy&DjATTE – THE TAKEOVER – 01 – The Takeover Intro ft. MI]

Is the mic on? Aight cool
Ladies and gentleman, they call me M.I
Short black boy from J-town (yea)
Been messing with these dudes for a minute now
The world famous DJ Atte and my Nigga: Sazzy
And really, when they told me they were gonna call the mixtape: The Takeover
I was like what else where you planning on calling it
That’s so hot
Because we
i remember the first day I met with these dude
Was The day I met my man Naeto C
We were on a track together that Naeto was on
The definition by Jimmy Jatt
And these dudes just came correct
You know putting the North on the map as far as hiphop is concerned for so long now
So ladies and gentleman
This is the first time this has ever happened yo
DJ Atte, my man Sazzy
Yo the takeover Yo
Illest, realest, killest, gorillas on the mic yo
And anybody out there that said they couldn’t do it
That said they wouldn’t make money
Said the art of DJing was dead
Said true producers were no more
And I am out


Rap – Verse
My niggers don’t hate my niggers
on the fact u think I’m doing great my niggers
focus not on the bread I make my niggers
or the cake that u think this nigger ate my niggers
rather come close congratulate my niggers
why u sitting round tryna calculate why niggers
would rather hate than appreciate why niggers
I’ma school yal till yall graduate my niggers
finishers will elevate my niggers why rather situations escalate my niggers
don’t hate my dude on the way my dude
seems to lay my dude sortay by jude
why fcuk around u can change my mood
instead sit and sip some of this change I brewed
why choose jst a simple type busting like a pimple ripe haters stop!
u jst making detrimental hype!
My steez is gees lil weez please I freeze the breeze I bees the bees honeys honey!
You make that funny money
I’m getting money Tommy
u boys play bunny
I’m hugh hephner flyer than a cesner
yes ma I’m the best ma cardiac arrester…

· · · ·

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  • guess am d only one here correction pls it is ‘psych’ not sike. Nice one anyways pls i have just a litle question, do you just listen to these songs and write it

    chimezie April 11, 2012 5:28 am
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