Sazzy & DJ Atte – Mr C

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Sazzy (You’re crazy for this son)
DJ Atte

Verse 1
I am the realest, I am the coolest, I am the newest, I am the best
I am the freshest, I am the cutest, off the chain, I am the nicest
I am a king, I am a prince, I am a man, I am a mural
You should know that imma kill
Run them over like a shredder
I am a note, I am a cord, I am the keys, I am the song
I am script, I am a play, am a show….entertainer
Number 1, number 2, number 3 till the end
I am all above, do you understand

If you see me outside o
Just call me Mr. Chairman, Mr chairman, Mr chairman, Mr chairman

Verse 2
I am a singer, I am a rapper, producer extraordinaire
I am the bass, I am the drum, I am the slur, I am the…shaker
I am your sister, I am your brother, I am your mother, I am your father
I am your friend (lover)
I am your wife (husband)
I am sergeant, Mr. Captain, I am a colonel, general
I am a bullet, I am a gun, I am a tank, I am a sir
I am the shit, I am the best, I am your set, I am your body
I am all above, do you understand

(Repeat chorus)

I will like to suggest noooooowwww
Make you start to dey feel this

I said I will like to suggest nooooowww
Make you start to dey feel feel this
Then feel me

Repeat chorus (2x)

Just call me
Just call me Mr. C
Mr. Chairman

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