Shawl-x Ak – Commerciality

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titles=Shawl-x Ak – COMMERCIALITY]

Yeahhhhh oh lord na na na nahhhh
Oh oh oh yeah Shawl-x Ak on d beat na na nahhhh
Everything chillin 4 me now, chillin 4 me na na nahhhh
Yes it is, yes indeed ah

Verse 1:
See for Naija 2day
Everybody just dey say
If u wan blow, u must sing in a particular way
I say na which way be dat
Dem say na the commercial way
Na so I shout “chei Unu ga e gbu mmadu leh”
I nor buy dat idea
I just wan do my style
I’m not doin it 4 d cash, I’m doin it 4 d passion
But huh if money come along it’s all good
The bottom line is

Na ur destiny
Nor be nor be commerciality
Eh ah eh ah
Na ur destiny
Nor be nor be any commeciality
No no no no
If you go blow, you go blow
No man can fit stop it
All u gotta do is work hard towards it yea
And you will achieve it
But U gotta be original

Verse 2:
Dem say if you can’t beat join dem
But dat one na lie
If you can’t beat dem, just keep doin ur thang
Coz sooner or later
U’ll be taking ova
Everywhere u go, u go dey cause casanova
Dare to be different in anything u do
And before u know it, everyone go run follow u.
Originality… na d master key
The bottom line still remains


Verse 3:
Ko ko ko to ma so wi pe
Mo ti fe ma show ara mi
Mo mo mo fe ke mo pe
I nor send nobody
Na my time 2 shine
If u try 2 stop me
Won a sha e, won a so e di eja di-din
Wot’s mine is mine yes oh
According 2 K-solo “Ur way, nor be my way”
Originality, na d master key
And still, the bottom line is


It’s my time 2 shine yea
Nobody can hold me back no no ohhhhhh

It’s my time 2 shine ehhh..

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