Shawl-x Ak – Kolo Kolo

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titles=Shawl-x Ak – KOLO KOLO]

Oh baby…
Na na nahh…
Kolokolo eh, You dey make me kolo ehh
Fine baby ehh, I dey feel ur body ohhh oh eh..

Excuse me baby oh
Make I yarn u tori ehh
I dey feel ur body oh
E dey make me kolo eh

Verse 1:

I pledge to u ma baby dat I’ll luv U and keep ya
Neva forsake u, I no go stop to feel ya
My concern na all dat
Want u by my side, want u with me at all time yea
While I was doin this song, I swore to myself dat I’d neva do u wrong yea
Coz I’m a real man, and I’m a superstar, I wanna get to know ya..

I go make sure say you neva want for nothing
I go make sure you nor be ma girl for nothing
I go, treat u right and be ur guy
All these and more I pledge, so hear me out yea


Verse 2:

See na the way wey u dey make ur body go
If u dey find trouble I go give am to you oh
I don dey watch you, nor be today
I don dey feel u, e don tay
Fine fine baby, come be my lady
I no want make you dey think say I dey after ur body body
But ey, this thing wey I dey see
E fit make man kolo eh
Kolokolo eh



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  • i love ur songz

    Mr wizbaek June 8, 2011 4:21 pm

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