Sheunakamura, EaZi and Hansonero – Be Mine

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Huuun eazi jeje…huuun nakamura jeje, code red nor nor, code red red…nor nor nor!

I’m bouncin I’m bouncin, I ci dis grl shez walkin on d road nd still I’m bouncin, I walk up 2 er nd sai dat I lik yhu and I’m bouncin hmmm but shez formzin, shez formzing cos I’m tosin, she don’t no dat I’m jonzing eehhheeeh! Walk up 2 dis grl nw, nd shez chilin with er frndz now! Tell er baby tele mi 2dai month fe so fun nkon kon…hmm I want to marry u, want to take u 2 ci my mama…mama…but u jxt dai denghe dai pose, u dai denghe dai pose, u dai denghe dai pose

Baby would Be Mine
Be my side even if I no get Sika
Would u be mine? (X2)

Easy easy go
Eazi sheun and nero
Just came down 2 the studio
Ka je ko mor boshen lo
As u see me so
Me I get 1 goal
Ma mission na to cme carry u go
Bt I still wan knw
If u want ma doe
Or jst wanna rip me off my kondo
See I see ds chika lookn so fly
She seem all about sika bt I dnt mind
I go fyt 4ur heart lik megamind
I fit kill 4u baby as long as u go be mine ehhhh
I go 4lw u go I’ll be ur toy
I’ll be ur menelaus ul be ma helen of troy ehhhh
U b my helen of troy
I’ll be the only man dat’ll be bringing you joy ehhh!


Easy come,Easy go
Easy,Seun n Nero
Just came 2 d studio
Bt dat u already know (take it back)
D code is red like d sky is blue(u know it)
Yes I’m cool but that u knew (u know it)
She wanted me and I wanted her too
Please be mine n that she do
She alone I’m striving for
She alone my d*** is for
Body like a 2×4
N she’s all I’ll be asking for


Hansonero Eazi jeje
Nakamura jeje
U already know o
U already know o
Code Red!

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