SheuNakamura, EaZi Nakamura – Mumu Button

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Kwame hit me
Nakamura Jeje nor nor nor
Pippi nakamura jeje nor nor nor

The way wey she dey (do (5x))
She dey make ma body (move (5x))
She dey turn me to Mu(Mu (5x))
N I dunno what to (do (5x))

The way wey she dey do she dey make ma body move she dey turn me to mumu and I dunno what to do( (2x)
Nakamura Jeje Nor Nor Nor

PipiNakamura je je no no no
C ds babe she plant bomb 4my mind no no no
She Detonate my hrt no no no
Wetin man go do(2x) ehh!

She carry my remote control jst dey press all d buttons she encounter
me jst dey call er dey call er dey ping her dey ping her ma baby she no reply yeh!
i don taya!
i no knw wetin I go do 4 her
mak i gv am my sika I shw am ma mumu button 4ma mumu controller

she tell me say I too girls
i no be dammykrane bt I still like girls
my baby u be number 2 4 d girls
no body fit pass ma mama 4my girls

Baby anythn u ask 4rm me me I go give u
oritse mi tohbadt me I no go eva liv u
walahitalai sumobilai I go dey ever grip u
Nor Nor Nor!


They way u whyn baby
E be lik say I neva see ds kind baby
Nor nor nor
D way u change tori
Even MTO I swear no go fit compete
Nor nor nor
Now No dey wash me
Me I no be plate so no dey fo me fo me
Put me in a place wey no good for me
Even angela no cme dey for me
Uhhh uhhhhh

U see as we dey talk
I swear ma body no fit move u overwhelm me
And my mouth e no fit move
U dey control me u press ma button
Ah Pippi nakamura jeje Nor nor nor


This omoge (dey press me (2x))
Press me
This omoge (dey wash me (2x))
Wash me
Dis omoge dey press ma mumu button
Dis omoge (dey control (2x)) me
I don taya eh no reply eh ds omoge dey press ma mumu button
Ds omoge dey press me dey press me

BayBi don’t u ever let go of me
4 dis life
I swear 2u I go carry u meet my mama (nor nor)
Don’t u eva letgo of me 4 ds liiiffffee
Piiipiii nakamuraaa nor nor nor


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