Skales – Monster (teaser)

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That KD boy from E.D.O

You can call me Mr Capable like ma CEO

They know ma face and I aint got a video

Plus ma song is ruling every station like a D.P.O

Haters hating niggas just stop it

Everybody knows am a (modaf***ing monster)

Since you’ve been hating, nigga show me your profit

Keep turning on your hater skills while I’m off it

I’m feelin like Moses and ma rod is ma mic

Cos I’m leading all of ma people insane with what they like

And I swear that I’m the light that made the future bright

Don’t get it twisted a wrong coz this sound is right

I aint got a beef with ruggedman but I’m  still sounding 9ice(nice)

I’m a star but I don’t wait for night fall to rise

A vampire but I still make it in the sun

Forget Neo in the Matrix coz I’m the one

They’ve been waiting for me but tell em that the wait is over

F***ing with emotions quick to make a lady sober

I’m the G that she’s been looking for and we aint talking alphabet

Getting better coz I think when I forget

She the type I throw some D on (Dion) no Celine

Blamin music for making me weird as I’m close to being

She said I brought with me excitement when I came within

A game I f***ed up let d new life begin

She said letting me go would be the hardest thing

Rap is a game of hard ons and I’m the hardest in

It’s so obvious I’m the definition of real

Definition of still healthy but sounding ill

I mean what kinda monster is so talented

Profit making telling the world his God-invented

Got a lot friends got a lot of fans

When he’s at a party the ladies love to dance

When his popping champagne bottles

He and a lot of celebs cut d same models

He only needs a piece of sound 2 get message across

Like his name be Hugo his a son of a boss

And I’m talking Banky and SD

You can ask them the f***ing questions you ask me

Dominating North, West, South and the East

Transformed to a human…. truth is I’m a beast.

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  • round over plus

    peter January 20, 2011 1:54 pm
  • I av a heavy crush on dis dude. He is phenomenal.

    Habbizzelle July 8, 2011 9:40 pm
  • I ave said it and i wil say it again,broda u re d best.

    Darek August 13, 2012 9:17 am
  • *no comment*guyz watch out 4 dis guy is d bomb!

    Icezy August 14, 2012 1:23 pm

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