slashWisDom – Confusion

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Yo! I’m in the holy grounds.
Yo! haha It’s emotional for me! yeah
Omo mehn! Lemme talk wisdom

Verse 1:
Our life is getting pitiful; we lost sight of the beautiful
combating and we looking like animals.
Our youths becoming criminals; confusion of the cosmos
We lack the understanding, getting brainwashed by chemicals in shampoos.
Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you proud?
If you believe that you are better, why the frown?
Your emotions are tattooed in expressions.
No need to tell me your life, I can guess it.
We need to carry the cross and follow he, Elohim.
We are falling from the wall cause we are clumsy, humpty dumpty.
It’s funny when we preach the righteousness, we tend to contradict.
So off course we are misleading the kids.
I wonna make change outta pounds, dollars and euros.
Nigeria will light up tomorrow and the cure of AIDS epidemic will be better.

(Word! Its gonna be)


Zoputa mu o, I dey pray that Chineke deliver us from sorrow
As we dey go, shine eye wake up. Onye obuna biko wake up


Father, before mi mind get bad
Betta yuh flip it round and mek mi mind get mad
Mi prefer fi work hard everyday fi achieve mi goals
Nah grudge nobody fi dem own

Keep badmind outta mi heart
Keep negative outta mi thoughts
Mi know seh it easy to pree di wrong way
So Jah Jah please guide mi everyday

Verse 2:
No one wonna listen, they don’t know what they’re missing.
Real men suppose stand no awkward position.
Our heads are allocated space for knowledge digestion.
Please don’t let it float, allow it to sink in.
To you I be dreaming. I know it takes time.
Don X gave me the beat; I’m just speaking my mind.
And what I speak is from the heart, no gimmicks, no shopping cart;
So the movement will commence like Noah’s arc.
Already on Mark set ready to journey [John].
I look forward and what Mat knew [Mathew], I am ignoring
to focus on my path while on the mission
big ups to Rawn Smith & his vision. Bless!

Verse 3:
We need change, I can feel it. I know you feel it.
Dj Don X this here better be kept sacred
for the listeners who thrive to make it.
Time is now! Take it. Keep it close to your chest & embrace it.
So I stretch arms reaching out for any short comes
my life isn’t the best but I still care for my brethrens
I wonna make change outta pounds dollars & euros
Nigeria will surely light up tomorrow. Word!

  • 3


  • I so love this guy’s music. fink he will be the ‘commom’ of naija. Mr Slash pls keep it coming

    theprofessional March 28, 2011 10:59 pm

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