Slick – Move Your Body

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Omoge move your body, I can make you move your body (x4)

Verse 1:
Yeah had to come through with the flow and make you,
Wind wind wind,
Slide to the right then back to the left now move in,
Time time time,
Yeah its your boi slick on the flow the flow is so cold the speakers they know,
Yeah, back it up I’m bout to make you lose control.
Move your base to the base (ah) but quaker like I stung with a tazer,
Major like that chord on a beat,
Its off the rector we all love the beat (ah/er)
And now we feeling the vibe not jls but the club is alive,
Huh now they all wanna ride, the ones that think their sly they hide

[Repeat Chorus]

Verse 2:

Omo naija ni mi,
Mo’n lo soke’ etin ri,
Wa’ tinfe ohrin mi’,
Koiti to, eh she’ si.,
Mo ti lo, wan bo,
Eiy mo pe mo jan wan le’
haha true true,
Wan fese’ bo, mo gun’ ke ke.
I’m gone, I’m zooming,
They’re gassed I’m the one fuelling,
They didn’t know I could do what I did this song is fuming
Its crazy hazy I do amaze me,
Dj spin this song till it’s dazy,
Here grab some goose,
Get loose and drink till the floors the roof

[Repeat chorus]

I can make you move your body (x4)
Why you sitting down cmon get up get up,
If you see her sitting down tell her get up get up,
If you see him sitting down tell him get up get up,
Don’t want nobody sitting down lets all get up!
The alcohol is in your system system,
Tryna keep it cool but you have got a blurry vision,
Still your trying to dance apparently you cant
But [make it (x4)] move to the beat sooo.

[Repeat chorus]

Final verse:
I’ve been watching you all night and now your mine,
Mine yeah that’s for sure she’s so interesting, there’s no contesting,
We flexing looks like I had yoga lessons, you feeling my flow I’m like yeah it’s a blessing,
Yeah it’s your boi slick I’m hot,
Avalanche motion fresh out the pot,
Mo gbono’ eh tutu mo fe obirin tun tun (hahaha) your know what i like,
The type that I can play my tunes to,
I tune to you,
So sexy, classy, kg, shoes, you got me.

[Repeat chorus]

I can’t shout out to everybody so i shout out to every body (Laugh).
Chyeah, its your boi slick…

[Repeat chorus]


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