Str8Buttah – Introtainment/Rebelz

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[DOOR OPENS] “It’s gratifying to see you all here and when I say gratifying, I mean I like it when you can all sit and listen instead of bucking each other’s teeth and heads on the pavement” [footsteps then Elevator opens]

“Which is one approach but now is a time for a new approach”…”Don’t you think?” “I know I do”. [Elevator Hums]

So, what does “The World” need most? Let’s ask ourselves that because the economy is stagnant that much is sure.

We have become ‘White elephant
and I don’t know about you Gentlemen, but I don’t like being an ‘Elephant’


We need New Business
We need New Stimulation
We need Entertainment
This is the way of the future

Verse 1 [XYZ]
“Are you recording? Breaking News!” This just in
Str8 Buttah coming through ain’t nothing disgusting
Dedication, rap science non-fiction
The elevation, star-studded constellation
‘bout to talk money let the bullshit walk
Me & my peeps bout to put to work
Let the music floss, and we still we do our thing for the cause
Whack heads, put their motion in a permanent pause

Hey yo we reppin’ Hip-Hop from the slums to the borough
Str8 Buttah, hey yo we 2 plus Quatro
News flash yo we on a higher plateau
and Y’all can call us your neighborhood superheroes
When the album’s out, y’all cop the CD
and don’t hate me, when u see me on your TV
Dope as fuck, sound be travelling the globe
Welcoming the whole world (world) to “The Str8 Buttah Show” (show)

Yo check it, Yo Check it
Oh, Yo, C’mon, Yo
Hey yo in other news, shh…it ain’t funny
Cash Rules Everything Around Me dummies
Funds transfer from savings back to current
I need that Forex paper gotta stay foreign
On the internet, fuck Yahooze I buy stocks
Mind over money ‘cos I think outside the box
Get it? You can’t call my bluff you lack credit
Back to your normal broadcast, forget it!

Verse 4 [ENIGMA]
You know the Str8 Buttah clique gotta knack for dropping
Unorthodox, out of the box, bizarre? Got you shocked
cos we’re ‘back with a bang’ like an ‘out of work pornstar’
Male groupies up in my face…What u want pa?
Era of the heroes with the magical swords
In form of microphones you can’t sever the cords
Crack down on your crew’s operations like egg shells
When we kicking mad ciphers that making our legs swell

[distorted] Mad mad ciphers, making our leg, making our legs swell

Check it out y’all
Yo Str8 Buttah

Verse 5 [R-CUBE]
Check It, Yo..Yo
You see ‘defeat’ (the feet) on television, now you ‘watching your step’
Like an image bodyguard still protecting the rep
I roll with a Teck, XYZ to the Deck
So who’s the Hip-Hop head about to lose his neck?
If you could look into my brain you are destined to find
That it’s filled with ideas I’m just out of my mind
Running free with imagination while I unlock the cell blocks
Nuts you surprised? Now I’m leaving you SHELL SHOCKED!

1-2, 1-2

(Str8 Buttah)

Str8 Buttah crew, we ain’t nothing to fuck with (x6)
[Deck, XYZ, Teck, Enigma, R-Cube…Last one distorted]

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Str8Buttah is a Nigerian Hip hop group that is made up of six emcees namely Teckzilla, XYZ, R-Cube, Deck the Nexus, Enigma, and Mistah Rae. Like many other conscious emcees that originated from the region, they are influenced by the economic situation of the country and how the government are mismanaging public funds; they also communicate with youths using their music to empower them on how they can maximize their potentials.


  • omo! see lyrics man….these dudes are sick! quotes upon quotes. nice!

    boozai January 13, 2011 8:32 am

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