Str8buttah – Marvel Us

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Marvel us

Str8 Buttah, Mic-Worx, Venomous on the console

XYZ, Enigma, Teck.. RQB, Deck the Nexus, Raeman
Check it

Lyrically The Incredible alter ego-Bruce Banner
Half-Man, Half-Beast sees exposure to the Gamma….Rays
Gets me hot-tempered, ill-mannered
I stomp over like the Juggernaut, that beats the Thor’s Hammer
The strength is infinite, you got Limited Abilities
To come against me…Need the forces of the Military
My Anger needs Management or Temper moderation
Destroying all Villains and Rap abominations

Hey Yo! Lyrics that be f#@kin with you…In the Mental
Pick up any Metal, Levitate through Space and Time
I’m quintessential,
Been dope ab-initio, I’m called the Magneto
You know my steelo, opposites attract
While I’m chilling, that’s when I’m str8-illin
The XYZOTERIKA aka the ‘Mag-Villain’
Magnanimous-Magnum-Metallic conductors random
And I attack ‘em, with the force like a Phantom

A-K-A Peter Parker, the Microphone grappler
[Scientific inclined], bad guys get the marker
See me on your wall Facebook in on the web
Slingshots with 16 lines up in your head
‘Nuff said, Genetically I’m ‘Radio-Active’
Always on your airwaves you can bet I’m “Radio Active”
With great power comes great responsibility
A thin line between life and this amazing ability
So…If you cross the “line” I’m a take you
Ask Venom and other cats how I break fools
Precisely, watching my step I move wisely
Between the Kingpin -‘The Rose’ and other sheisty
Criminals, shooting bullets and swords…to slice me
Hoping to leave me flat on my back..That’s unlikely!
I’m pissed off even the Juggernaut couldn’t try me
Cos I’m The Real Spidey…YO! FUCK BEN RILEY!


Professor deckzavier – am Charles Xavier
The Microphone intellectual with the mental – FITNESS
Y’all pay homage to my Fortress
Telepathic, Telekinetic with the Technique
Follow the Leader – Extraordinary Teacher
Sole Controller, hey yo’ we Marvel Arch enemies
They all scattering, and you can call me Arch-Nemesis
Word Up y’all…U can call me Arch-nemesis

FLAME ON! E’s Johnny Storm, the Blue Version
Stand clear for the Flying Pyro’s incursion
Hip-hop’s Human Torch….Get emcees warned
cos the vocal outburst’ll give you 3rd-degree burns
Mics manipulated with Earth’s dangerous element
Fire-man in the booth whenever I’m in my element
Lining up Side-burns but you know I ain’t a Barber fool
The type that makes your side burn like a Barbeque
Horrible Arsonist of Trains of lame thought
Nothing to gain just numerous dames caught
Cos they see the hotness surround my blast radius
In fact Villainous cats….They keep hating us
Anticipating us, Never hard to get at yours
I just summon My Team of ‘Fantastic’ meta-‘phors'(four’s)
Schizophrenia…Transform into the Ghost Rider
On a hellish bike on the hunt for all your Ghost Writers

Alter Ego…Bruce Banner
See exposure to the gamma
Alter Ego…Bruce , Alter Ego…Bruce Banner
Ill mannered…I stomp over like the Juggernaut


Str8Buttah is a Nigerian Hip hop group that is made up of six emcees namely Teckzilla, XYZ, R-Cube, Deck the Nexus, Enigma, and Mistah Rae. Like many other conscious emcees that originated from the region, they are influenced by the economic situation of the country and how the government are mismanaging public funds; they also communicate with youths using their music to empower them on how they can maximize their potentials.

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