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02 Radio

[TECK] It’s your boy Teck
You know me
But right now, you now rocking with my….Champagne-Supernova friend
Mistah Rae
Let’s Go!

Verse 1 [RAE]
Suckers never play us
Apart from Dr G so thanks to him I’m almost famous
Been hustling with my crew still on the low, we no complainers
And every time I kick a rhyme you know I rep for Lagos

They come in different flavours
They’re those that say they do not know the flow is so contagious
and those that shout you out on wax so you won’t know they haters
and those that never heard your tracks and still they wanna hate us
When the underground gets hot they be like – ME TOO!
When Ajasa’s on the block, they be like – ME TOO!
When the album bout to drop, they be like – ME TOO!
God Forbid that shit flops they be like – “We aint Crew”
So I know who I repped with Str8 Buttah for life men
Rakim in left hand, Fela in my right hand
and in my past life I was Shakespeare’s Hype Man
Like yes yes yáll now I’m rocking with the right man

Yes yes yáll, to the beat yáll
Chilling with Mistah Rae and we be having a ball (x2)

1 for the Radio, 2 for the Mic man
3 to get ready ‘cos you rocking with the right man (x2)

Verse 2 [RAE]
2nd verse, I dedicate this to the younger kids
The little boy who would grow up to make more songs like this
The little girl with baby curls and sunlight on her lips
They’ll call it puppy-love the very first time they would kiss
I make the music, it’s up to you to use it
You can make up, make love or break up to it
Reminisce, be in the club or shack up to it
Ride around Lag with the top-down, just use it
It’s that feel-good music but feel free to cry
You can stay down to earth or let your soul fly
Dig for inner treasure, build castles in the sky
Lose your inner child but don’t let your dreams die

[TECK] So…come alive let your voice be heard
Str8 Buttah’s for the kids, yo that’s my word
Lose your inner child but don’t kill your dreams
We the types who don’t lose sleep over the mainstream cos…

(Repeat Hook)

Verse 3 [RAE]
So maybe someday they’ll play this
In between the old school and the newest latest
So you can say you knew Rae back when he was nameless
And for every new fan I get, expect a couple haters
It’s just the way the world is, what goes around comes around
The only reason they build you up is to break you down
They try to pigeon-hole this, they call it underground
and I’m pimp-slapping ‘em to the ground with that thunder-sound
Mistah Rae is a….Supa-fly regular guy
I kiss heaven while you barely scrape the sky
Tell you what Deck told me, travel the road to paradise
Hold the fort to procreate seeds before your afterlife
Forgive me…if every other line sounds complex
Double entendres metaphors poetic nonsense
I make real music not some top-10 content
If Radio don’t play this…We still got next

(Repeat Hook)

Rocking wif the right man x3…distorted at the end

· · ·

Str8Buttah is a Nigerian Hip hop group that is made up of six emcees namely Teckzilla, XYZ, R-Cube, Deck the Nexus, Enigma, and Mistah Rae. Like many other conscious emcees that originated from the region, they are influenced by the economic situation of the country and how the government are mismanaging public funds; they also communicate with youths using their music to empower them on how they can maximize their potentials.

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