Str8Buttah – The Last Stand

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This how…This How Hip Hop’s supposed to Sound

Verse 1 (R-CUBE):
Check It Yo
My connection with the mic is like a king in his throne
See my words are like weapons cutting Str8 to the bone
Intellectual property and all the things that I own
See the borders of my brain are like a no-go-zone
Even moonwalkers are willing to Star-Trek
You want the Kiss of Death we can give you a peck
From Rae & Teck, XY, Enigma & Deck
See it’s hard to wrong when I come correct

Hook (R-CUBE):
We are the last of a dying breed
Lagos stand up, Put your hands up because
This is how Hip-Hop’s supposed to sound (x2)

Verse 2 (Deck the Nexus):
Yo Yo
Hey yo, Str8 from the heart put it down for the Art
The Love and the Essence, Death do us apart
Emcees in the zone, Deejays on the scratches
It’s on, dropping jewels on the microphone
The pen is the penis, the ink is the Semen
Each word’s a sperm, The Fans is the reason
Real music, taking y’all back to school
The sound of the culture, the mind is a tool (What’s the rule?)
The Rule, Never underestimate the power
Paint like Graffiti, Brains like a shower
Poetry in motion, Peace to street hustlers
Hip-Hop is Life going to the real customers.

(Repeat hook)(Deck)

Verse 3 (TECKZILLA):
From the corner-piece, street clientele I excel
So I’m giving you my dreams to improve yourself
It ain’t about the Bling, Rims on Fancy cars
All we need is skills in the way we spit bars
But the system is lacking, economy plus philosophy
One day we shall overcome, that’s possibly
Till then I’m taking a stand, could be my last one
I’d rather die for something than to live for a fast one

(Repeat hook) TECKZILLA

Verse 4 (ENIGMA):
The smooth cuts like Gillette serenading dope loops
20-20 3rd Vision, write and snipe scope shoot
On point, with breaks on tracks, spitting back and forth
Bumping heads as verbal athletes…pass the torch
Ill mix, Punch never miss, always hits ya
Slang yelling, Story Telling clear you get the picture
In the 8th light, sounds every minute of every hour
Holy Integrated People Having Omnipresent Power

(Repeat Hook) (ENIGMA)

Put it ‘em up (2x)

Verse 5 (XYZ):
Yo, Ya know the name, I redefine the game
Well known and notorious simple and plain
All that bullshit you talk about is all lame
I came through with my crew and of course you do too
Plus, aint no telling what my people do your people
Something awful is about to happen that you can’t afford
Str8 Buttah move like Honda, in One Accord
Stand back and watch how we take mics apart

(Repeat Hook)(XYZ) (x2)

This is how Hip-Hop’s supposed to Sound

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Str8Buttah is a Nigerian Hip hop group that is made up of six emcees namely Teckzilla, XYZ, R-Cube, Deck the Nexus, Enigma, and Mistah Rae. Like many other conscious emcees that originated from the region, they are influenced by the economic situation of the country and how the government are mismanaging public funds; they also communicate with youths using their music to empower them on how they can maximize their potentials.

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