Teeklef – Oleku (the Klef Mix)

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Oleku Oleku
Tell me wetin I no fit do
Which kain Beef Wey I no fit chu
You can’t walk in my shoes cos e no go fit you
I’m outta your league man don’t try me
I rap in a choke hold don’t tie me
flow so bloody to these rap ass cunts
And it ain’t that time of the month.

Me already hot you can’t ignite me
I will never die you can’t goodnight me
High up in the sky I’m where the kite be
Better than ur best I guess I might be
Huh! Yo!
I’m where the light be
My Money so long I guess Its my pee
Im all over the net I guess I’m Ip
R kelling haters on they faces I pee

No homo
To the blogs Wey hype me
Thanks for the love now Dem know who I be
I put in overtime so me money piley
I’ma beast on this track you can’t tame a Miley
I’m highly blessed by the most of highleys
I be’s the man with a host of kileys around me’s Nigga
Allow me Nigga
You mad cos I’m fucking the beat up my Nigga

Hey! Ha!
I don come o – Jerk off
And if you still dey hate Abeg ferk off
Nigga life ain’t fair but it’s fair enough
Shoutout to ice prince Smirnoff

Shoutout to choc boys I see y’all
Y’all changing the rap game for real
Me steady keeping these rappers on they toes
And I don’t wrap, I change clothes

Say Hey bro , go slow
All I see is green I go no go slow
Nowadays boys dey hail me pass snow
If u call me cocky then I just might crow
Upwards and forwards there I shall go
God be the archer I’m the arrow
See I will never fall instead I shall grow
Cos When you 6ft your trumpet they Blow

But im so big yall niggas Micro
TNT yes I’m the nitro
I’m state farm and y’all are geicko
I’m a Hip hop head yes I’m the Afro

Tryna diss me, I laff you
Cos I’ma come right back no cafu
With silence no talking
you dumb Nigga no talking

Yes! I’m the man with the fire
If The game be my chic best believe I dey fire
Cos me no rap me spit fire
Me no fly me be flyer

Me levitate when these dudes they retire
If me Be the truth then these dudes they be liars
No rushing I’m patient
Cos na turn by turn

There will never be another me, never be another tee
My delivery so on point now they order me
To spit on tracks cos I’m lyrically heavy
Only Nine months in the game now they fear me
So listen up listen up people
Rap pass rap my guy we not equal
Yo! In case you didn’t notice
No beat is safe Nigga #NOBIS

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  • this is the best song i've ever heard..i think the rap is hard

    irene January 18, 2011 11:01 am

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